Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rowdy B Prepares The Side Pocket Kid

The sizzling southern city of Atlanta boasts one of the most talented, relevant, and masterful wordsmiths of his generation, Rowdy B. Preparing to drop his phenomenal mixtape, his fifth work, to a bevy of buzz and anticipation, Rowdy B is sending shockwaves throughout his native Georgia and far beyond! Syncing his music with social media, Rowdy B is releasing @RowdyBizzle The Side Pocket Kid mixtape.

“We wanted to brand the mixtape with Twitter,” Rowdy B explains. “The way the world is, everyone

tweets what they think about stuff. No better way than to #hashtag all of the songs and let people give their feedback.”

Inspiration for this mixtape sprang from watching the movie Pool Hall Junkies (2002).

Rowdy B mused, “I’m emotionally connected to the main character. We have a lot in common, we’re both hustlers, both chasing dreams, just almost every aspect of the movie we have in common; friends, women, the love for our craft. I just really connected with Johnny. “ After watching the movie many times over the years, a particular Thursday night viewing from his Netflix account led the birth of his latest project The Side Pocket Kid. “The movie inspired the music.”

While working on his latest album American Poetry Rowdy B decided it was the ideal time to drop The Side Pocket Kid. Not only did he want to generously present some free music to his fans, Rowdy B also wanted to generate some buzz in anticipation for American Poetry’s release date sometime in mid-2012. Rowdy B relayed, “This mixtape is not only my best work, but a chapter in my life that I will never forget. I'm happy and proud to have the ability to write music and capture emotions. This mixtape is stamp of a time in my life that I am proud to have lived. It's like a giant diary entry. No matter what the outcome is I gave it my all and put every ounce of my passion into this project. I hope when people listen they can relate and understand that they are not alone.”

With unique compositions, compelling lyrics, and ingenious licks, Rowdy B offers a fantastical journey to the beyond and back. From matters of the heart to life’s struggles Rowdy B lays it on the line on The Side Pocket Kid. The following tracks are the ones I had the privilege to preview before its mid-October 2011 release:

I’m a Dreamer” - A jam-packed string of imagery, a narrative story filled with a mix of party-boy antics and deep thinker with a definite goal that will be realized. Infectious.

Ain’t No Grave” - The stirring, soulful strains of Johnny Cash introduces Rowdy B’s gritty, raw, and powerful spit. Interspersed throughout, the mix of classic Cash and raucous Rowdy is a transcendent experience.

SpaceShip” - Exposes Rowdy B’s vulnerable side. Choosing escapism because life is painful, the universal themes of heartbreak, hurt, and betrayal run throughout the piece.

Shades of Grey” - Shows a maturity to Rowdy B’s lyrics. Addiction, disillusionment, pessimism, self-examination yield this mesmerizing creation.

In Rowdy’s own words from “Shades of Grey”, "I'm not preaching just teaching, close your eyes and dream of a dream an start believing”. With this mixtape, Rowdy makes you a believer!

Find The Side Pocket Kid or any of Rowdy B’s catalogues of work anywhere music is sold online including iTunes, Amazon, and Napster. To find out more about Rowdy B visit his personal website There you are treated to daily tweets, weekly blog posts, and monthly music releases to his fan club. He also has a mailing list. To find Rowdy B on Twitter follow @RowdyBizzle. To like his fan page on Facebook go to


  1. B, I'm STOKED with excitement for you! I'm in your corner and I'm be cheering u on the whole way to the top! Xoxo ~J

  2. Rowdy B is one of the few real artist left. Most of the rappers these days talk about someone else life B giving u his own life in rap form. Keep doing ur thang man