Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Music Blog - Halloween Edition

Welcome to the Friday Music Blog on Chief 187 Chatter. For those of you unfamiliar

with me, I am a holiday fanatic. I believe in celebrating each one that comes along with gusto and fanfare. From decorating to food I throw myself into the season and create a grand event around the special day. As Halloween is my husband’s birthday it gets treated with extra bravado and ceremony allowing for an even more fantastical celebration. Like all times in my life, music plays a huge part in these events.

This week’s focus is songs or music that puts you in the Halloween mood. List the song and the artist that harkens this late October celebration. Whether novelty created for the occasion or simply a song that meant something to you at this time of year, list all that apply to the category in your terms.

The weeks are accumulating at lightning fast speed. Each Friday I task myself with offering up statistics and news about Chief 187 Chatter. This week I’m deliriously thrilled to post

that the pageviews far surpassed 31, 000 and show no signs of slowing down! I am overwhelmed and genuinely pleased that my Simple Joys still resonates loudly with you all and my “I Know” Wednesday freestyle piece found a far reaching readership. Many of you were so kind and generous to offer your warm comments and loving support. And whether you have been with me from the beginning like Racer 187, Grumpa, Jules, J.D., and Art Tidesco, or you joined me sometime in the last fourteen months, you are all vitally important to me and I value you one and all.

Please continue to check with this blog today and throughout the weekend for more responses to view and take the time to read or reread this week’s blogs. I then invite you to join me on Monday when I begin another week of all new and original blogs to share.


  1. Monster Mash. Has to be the best Halloween song. I just love it.
    Get the snow boots ready.

  2. I totally agree, Daddy! Definitely on my list. I have others... I'll wait until others have a chance to put their selections down. Thanks for all of your supportive comments this week!

  3. The Soundtrack to the instant classic, "Nightmare Before Christmas".

  4. Yes it's a great time of year! How about Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon for the boogie man.

  5. Boris The Spider by The Who......=)

  6. Screamin' Lord Sutch ..."She's fallin' in love with a monster man"

  7. "When October Goes" Barry Manilow
    "Cast Your Fate to the Wind" Vince Guaraldi
    "Moondance" Van Morrison
    "Monster Mash" Bobby "Boris" Pickett
    "Thriller" Michael Jackson