Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tantalizing Thursday - Candy Corn Snack Mix

Welcome to Tantalizing Thursday on Chief 187 Chatter. As this is the first Thursday in October my mind revolves around the imminent arrival of Halloween at the end of the month. The grocery stores have had Halloween candy out since July and now I am finally ready to

embrace the season.

Having school-aged children and entertaining a lot on weekends I like to offer a seasonal and delicious treat for big and little hands alike to grab a taste. This sweet treat is delicious and looks great sitting in bowls and jars ready to be consumed. Enjoy this all season long!

Candy Corn Snack Mix
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1 cup candy corn
1 cup M&M's
1 cup salted peanuts


1. In a serving bowl, combine all ingredients.
2. Store in an airtight container.

Certainly this quick and easy “recipe” can be improved on by adding more of the ingredients you and your family would enjoy. Like raisins? Add them to the mix. Prefer almonds to peanuts, throw them in there. Think dried apple slices would up the taste quotient? Add it! Enjoying M&M’s with peanuts, coconut, or peanut butter inside? Throw those in, too! By adding cereals or dried fruit the nutritional value and health factor increases. But utilizing the candy corn adds a fall flare that makes this snack a truly seasonal treat.

This snack is ideal for afterschool hunger, tailgating fun, and seasonal party fare. It can be placed in cute Halloween bags or containers as goodie bag treats.

What foods do you like to indulge this time of year? With Halloween ever-present how do you incorporate the foods (candy) into recipes?

Please join me tomorrow when we end the first week of October with the Friday Music Blog.


  1. Looks delicious. I'm trying to keep my baggy britches baggy so I won't be indulging in candy, but I'll drool over your great photos for a while.

  2. I like candy corn, but every time I see it I immediately hear the song "I Don't Like Candy Corn" from Noggin's Moose A. Moose & Zee in my head. My favorite Halloween candies are Bottle Caps & Smarties... not really candies for this type of goodie. :D

    Just found out that you can download "I Don't Like Candy Corn" FREE on iTunes right now! I did it and I will surprise my youngest when he gets home. He used to stand on the couch, sway back and forth with his hand up to his mouth like he was singing into a microphone and sing this song. :)

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