Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday

In the past week life has gone over 200 MPH and came to a crashing halt. There are times one feels powerless and times when one feels on top of the world; I have experienced both this week.

What it boils down to is an examination of my life. I looked inside and found what I am made of –again – and found that, for the first time in my life, I have a network of friends whose collective support gives me confidence and peace.

My Thankful Thursday on Chief 187™Chatter is chock full and for that I am ever grateful.

$3.20 – It’s not a lot of money and could maybe buy a cup of coffee and a donut, but I stumbled upon a store that this tidy sum (that includes the tax) brought me immense pleasure and no calories. The store is for juniors, a size-range I haven’t been in since I was in middle school to be sure, and had a basket of friendship-style bracelets at the check-out. I did a quick look through and found something the perfect color for my niece. A second look found something perfect for me. I purchased both! I’ve worn my bracelet several times and the sparkly presence – it has tiny rhinestones - makes me smile every time I glance down at it. I’m thankful to have found a reasonable bauble to add sparkle and shine to my days.

Birthday visit - My niece turns 12 this weekend so last weekend my brother drove her to my home and they stayed for a three day visit. We had the most wonderful time! My children get along famously with their cousin and I adore her, too. My brother and I had ample opportunity to talk, hang out, and catch up which is a luxury in this day and age when we live far apart. I am thankful they made the time and effort to visit and we are a close family.

Health - My husband had struggled with a health issue for a couple of weeks which culminated in a test earlier this week. The results could have been everything from cancer to a clean bill of health and myriad things in between. We have learned in our lives to not project, stay calm and positive, and take life as it comes. I am thankful beyond belief to report that he is perfectly healthy and not warranted to go back for this type of test for many years.

Online support – Because of my husband’s situation I was feeling a bit unsettled the morning he was leaving for the test. I immediately took to the computer and sought “prayers, thoughts, and positive energy” from all those who were inclined to do so. If one to three people had responded I would have been happy and content. Imagine my utter surprise, overwhelming knowledge, and incredible delight to find well over 100 people and counting weighing in with “Like”s on the FB status and dozens upon dozens of personal messages of prayers and encouragement, well wishes, and support. I am most thankful for online friendships that transcend face-to-face meetings. Their friendship and commitment is strong and powerful, just like their prayers.

Holding – I am entirely thankful for the opportunity to get to hold my husband. Our lives are hectic, busy, and tiring, but the knowledge and desire to hold him at the end of the day still exists – for both of us.

When life throws curve balls it helps to be flexible and faithful. I had to be both this week. I was rewarded with the best of news. There have been times in my life I have had the worst news come to fruition. Knowing I have an endless support system, an unshakable faith, and a family at home and on FB who care for me and mine gives me so much to be thankful.

This is my list. My hope is that somewhere along the line you make a thankful list in your life this week. Truly examining your life for the positive perspective is powerful. I want that for all of you, too.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Welcome to the first Thankful Thursday on Chief 187™Chatter!

It has been far too long since I’ve written here and I can tell you honestly that I’ve missed it. Life is humming along beautifully, but I can tell not writing for Chatter has taken some of the wind out of my sails.

As 2013 dawned I had the idea to do a weekly Thankful Thursday post as I truly have so very much to be thankful for and want to share that with you all. Alas, time has gotten away from me and we are in Mid-March with nary a post to be found of this kind.

Formality has never been my thing so I won’t worry about the layout, the amount of things I’m thankful about each post, etc. Mostly I just want to share what is on my mind on any given week and ask you to do the same. Seriously! My most favorite thing about Chief 187™Chatter was the interaction with you, my readers, my friends.

So, without further ado, here is my Thankful Thursday post.

Leave-in conditioner – I know it’s not deep or spiritual, but it sure does make my hair look and feel better and that does a lot for the way I feel each day. Call me shallow (I’ve been called far worse) but my hair is something I think a lot about and when it feels and looks good, I feel good. So, I’m thankful for leave-in conditioner!

Burst of energy- Winter leaves me feeling lackluster, uninspired, and tired. I know I must suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) but I keep chugging along as best I can. Last week I had a burst of energy that allowed me to finally clean out my closet of things I can no longer wear, were desperately out of style, or – as in most cases – simply didn’t fit. Holding on to these things, having messy closets, and not doing anything about it left me more frustrated and feeling stagnated. I finally made piles – throw out and donate – and cleared everything out. This burst of energy was good for my heart, soul, and home. It also is providing for others who can take my items and breathe new life into them. I am very thankful for that.

Seltzer – I am new to this veteran beverage. I am one of those people who loves the taste of diet sodas and drink too many of them. So, recently I swapped out diet sodas for flavored zero calorie seltzer and I love the taste! I haven’t drunk the beverage by itself, only as a mixer with my orange juice or grape juice, but it’s very satisfying. I am thankful for the opportunity to drink less diet soda!

Kindness of Others – I have been very blessed in my life, most recently my professional life, to be the recipient of the kindness of others. Whether it was Larry McReynolds and Dr. Jerry Punch agreeing to do my radio show without knowing who I was or Beaux Barfield remembering me and putting us on his schedule mere days before his IndyCar series begins, I’ve been overwhelmed with the graciousness of people I come in contact. The feeling I have is a strong one that there really are so many good people in this world. I just try to put back out there what I have been given.

My family – I try not to be overly sappy or goofy, but I must be honest. I am so very thankful – even more than the leave-in conditioner – for my family. My husband, who is my best friend, my lover, and my champion, honors me every day. Our three children do their best to be good little people. They do try my patience, but when I read to them, they are in a social situation and behave themselves, or I make them laugh the best laughs ever (and myriad other times), I feel – I KNOW - I am the luckiest person.

My collection of things, people, and events I am thankful for run the gamut from silly to reverent. I would be most honored to read your list of what you are thankful for this week. And even if you don’t leave it here, I do encourage you to make a list of what you are thankful for as it truly does lift your spirits and bring life back into focus.

Until next time…