Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Simple Joys

Welcome to Simple Joys on Chief 187 Chatter. Recently I had a heart to heart with my husband, Racer 187. Like most couples, we try to talk but usually our conversations revolve

around the price of heating oil, the kids’ performances at school, and what’s for dinner. We make a point to stop and reprioritize when we fail to connect for too long. When we did that not long ago he told me he truly loves Simple Joys. I know he promotes the piece faithfully, but he emphatically pointed out that he looks forward to it each week, and it cheers him at the toughest point of his week. “Because it’s about our family,” I teased him lightly, but he grew even more serious. “No, because it is positive in this increasingly negative world,” he responded. Simple Joys exist because I need to keep the positive in my life. It resonates because we all want to feel good and at times look for permission to do so when all else around us is seemingly failing, dying, and ending. Simple Joys reminds us that the cycle of life is alive and well, that children are learning, people are falling in love, and laughter is the best medicine. If you have yet to experience Simple Joys I invite you to stay. If you are returning, thank you for coming back to enjoy another week of Simple Joys. If you are a charter member, thank you for your continued and endless support. Now, without further ado, and especially for Racer 187, here is this week’s Simple Joys.

Television Theme Songs. I am an on-air personality on Internet Radio programs. They are fun and revolve around sports or Independent artists. This past week, while trying to work on an article, I got ‘Shanghai’d’ into doing an impromptu radio show late at night. We were “freestyling”, talking about whatever we wanted to because the show was more about testing equipment than our content. Someone mentioned television theme songs and my night was made. The entire show we played our favorite theme songs (with the help of YouTube) and reminisced about the program it belonged. From Family Ties to Growing Pains, The Rockford Files to Hawaii 5-0, and The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to Doug, we had examples from television’s best theme songs from the 1960s-today. As a child I was a television fanatic and theme songs always cheered me. Although I rarely watch television now, the shows/songs from my youth still sound so sweet! Doing the impromptu radio show with people I enjoy while listening to the soundtrack of my youth was an uproarious and magical Simple Joy!

Laughing. Several times this week I’ve been reduced to a soundless, breathless, and tear-

filled fit of laughter. Too often we, as adults, forget to laugh unabashedly and enjoy the cardio workout that is laughing! We read all of the time how healthy laughing is, yet many of us don’t make a point to catch the sitcom we once liked, rent the silly movie because the drama got critical acclaim, or remember to focus on and enjoy another human being who is empirically hilarious. Laughing to the point of abdominal cramps and hurt cheeks was a long overdue Simple Joy!

Smiling. I smile. A lot. And, as my profile pictures, avatars, and family pictures prove, I’m really like that most of the time. Through Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, I “see” a lot of people and converse with them electronically. This past week in particular my smile has been brought to my attention by many. This cheers me so because I’d never thought about my smile before. It just is a part of my face and, overall, I’m a really happy person, hence the smile. Like Simple Joys, my smile seems to resonate with those I come in contact. My wish is more people would smile – in their pictures and in real life. Smiles are infectious. Smiles make faces far more beautiful/handsome. Smiles beget smiles. Being told my smile is wonderful/warm/gorgeous, well, that is a king-sized Simple Joy that keeps a smile on my face!

Ruined plans. My husband made plans to take our boys to Mahoning Speedway in Pennsylvania with a couple of other men this past weekend. My daughter and I were certainly included but because of her age, the cooler weather, and the night time running, I volunteered to stay home with her so they could enjoy a boys’ night at the races. Unfortunately the weather remained rainy and the event was cancelled in the eleventh hour. Their disappointment turned into an opportunity for a relaxed afternoon/evening of family time for the five of us. We went out of an early dinner, did the week’s grocery shopping together, and had fun watching a program on television (DVRd show). What was supposed to be a night spent apart turned into a bonus chunk of quality time spent together. Simple Joy to the nth degree!

Mom and Dad. I wrote about my parents in last week’s Simple Joys. Over the summer while they lived near me they rarely if ever got on the computer to read my works. I figured once they got out of the habit they wouldn’t pick it back up. On Friday last week I received a call from my dad stating, “Your mother and I just finished reading your Simple Joys blog from this week and there isn’t a dry eye in the house!” My mother, sniffling, said, “Candi, we’re not abandoning you!” She always misses things a little bit. But the fact that they read those words, reached out to me, and saw, once again, how much I love them and their time with me, was a powerful Simple Joy.

These Simple Joys are my list of compiled thoughts, ideas, and actions that made the cut for the blog. They are, of course, mine. But I have always encouraged you the reader to create your own list. Whether written down formally like I do or just a mental inventory of all the Simple Joys you encounter during your week, keeping an eye out for the positive results in finding the positive far more easily. I haven’t always been able to steadfastly embrace Simple Joys, but I have learned that the secret to happiness is allowing yourself to be happy. The wonder of Simple Joys is that they are accessible to anybody willing to open their heart, mind, and eyes to them. And, once you invite them into your life, you’ll find that they multiply exponentially! Wishing you a week filled with Simple Joys! And, to Racer 187, I love you, Honey, always and forever! YOU are an undeniable Simple Joy!

Please join me tomorrow as I wax poetic on yet another topic! If you like what you read here, please share it, tell a friend, and/or tweet about it. Through a grassroots movement we could have #SimpleJoys trending and perhaps make a statement that we are a positive people. I feel there is no greater message to send.


  1. I agree with your husband, I like the positive nature of this column: it resonates with my own efforts in life. So many blogs are rants or snarky humor/jabs. Simple Pleasures is refreshing and real.

  2. I absolutely love the Simple Joys posts. It makes me stop...take a deep breath...appreciate the little things that God provides us that adds up to one amazing life! :)

  3. We will both try to smile more! Great essay.
    Mom and Dad

  4. my mom always used to say, "smile, it's contagious..."

  5. My recent Simple Joy was going to see 'Steely Dan' at the 'Beacon Theater' in Manhattan. Great Band, Great Venue, Great Sound, Great Night all around. Thinking about it, even a week later, still brings a smile to my face!!!

  6. Another catchy post, another thought rush.. #SimpleJoys rush...Truly inspiring and up-to that #angelic level that u expect to be soaked up in reader's hearts..

    U said, "my smile seems to resonate with those I come in contact"

    Thats so damn true..Not even just face-to-face meeting, ur blogs are making readers smile like never before..i swear Candice..i swear. Ur words speaks out damn loud and just goes straight through the reader's hearts...indeed.

    "The secret to happiness is allowing yourself to be happy." True..And now i am gonna tweets this one.. #BINGO

    Stay #Angelic Candice!! ^U^ Rock!!