Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Music Blog - Flower Songs

Welcome to the Friday Music Blog on Chief 187 Chatter. Today is my daughter’s second birthday. Like me, she adores music and delights in the glory of singing and dancing to her favorite tunes. Those tunes run the gamut from “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to “We Will Rock You”!

My daughter’s name is Rosemilee pronounced Rose-Emily. It is an unusual name that has a story. When expecting my second child I told my oldest child, Matthew, he was to have a little brother or sister like several of his little friends had welcomed into their homes. Most of those babies were baby brothers. I also explained to the lad that the baby could be a baby girl like the cartoon character Cailou (PBS) has a little sister named Rosie. My son was three years old when

I told him and Cailou was his favorite program. From that day on he told everybody who would listen to him that his mother was having a baby girl “named Rosie”. I laughed, shook my head, but the name stuck. When my second child was born he was named Gregory. My oldest came to the hospital to meet the new baby, was told his name and replied, “Hi Gregory!” and then looked at his father and me and demanded innocently, “Where’s Rosie?”

When I was blessed with a third baby the name Rosie resurfaced. By that time I knew I wanted to name a daughter, if we were blessed with one, Emily after my maternal grandmother. The boys, however, would not hear of it. They wanted a Rosie and they wouldn’t settle for anything else. Retooling my desired name, I reworked it to “Rosemilee”. Adding Rose was obvious, but changing the “-ly” ending to an “-lee” was a nod to my husband’s family who used that as a middle name in several generations. Rosemilee is an often mispronounced name, a ton of letters for a future-Kindergartener to spell, and not found on stickers in the dime store, but this special little girl who was highly anticipated and much lauded deserved a unique name.

Today’s Friday Music Blog focus, in honor of my daughter Rosemilee’s 2nd birthday, is songs that contain a flower name in the title or the lyric. Please be sure to list the artist as well.

Each week there is more wonderful news to herald regarding Chief 187 Chatter. The followers increased by another 2 and at publication the numbers held at a breath away from 29000 pageviews. Mostly the kind comments from readers on Twitter and as comments left here cheered me. I tried my hand at some suggestive writing (“Not Just Dessert”) that many seemed to enjoy and followed it up with an archived piece about Rosemilee’s journey to becoming our daughter (“The Girl”). Vastly different on the spectrum, each piece met receptive audiences and simply proves to me that my great Simple Joy is writing for Chief 187 Chatter’s readership.

Please check in with this site throughout the day and weekend as new selections get added periodically. I wish you a terrific weekend and issue you an invitation to join me here again on Monday when we start another week of entirely new and original blogs.


  1. ♪♬♫♥ Happy Birthday to the little angel Rosemilee. ♥♫♬♪ Happy Birthday to you! ♥♫♬♪

  2. I am in love with the Sun so... The Sun Flower - Rahze aka DJ Deckstream Jacqueline Marie

  3. Happy Birthday to Rosie (age 2) and my Father-In-Law (age 88)!

    Pretty Flowers -Steve Martin
    Wildflower -Sheryl Crow
    Lollipops and Roses -as played by Herb Alpert & TJB
    Lo, How A Rose E're Blooming -Christmas carol
    Daisy Bell (A Bicycle Built For Two)
    Where Have All the Flowers Gone? -Pete Seeger
    Blue Orchid -White Stripes
    Honeysuckle Rose -Fats Waller

  4. Beware of the flowers because I think they are really going to get you yeah !