Thursday, October 6, 2011

Quentin Fielding's Twilight Homage

Capitalizing on his matinee-idol good looks and his eerie resemblance to Edward Cullen from the Twilight movie franchise, Quentin Fielding has offered up a confection entitled “Midnight” for public consumption. Debuting on YouTube this short composition is hypnotic from the start.

Employing soft lighting, a stunningly simplistic setting, and a romantic mood that draws you in instantly, Quentin Fielding creates a romantic aura that is undeniable coupled with his seductive strains. If the scene looks familiar it is because Quentin Fielding recreates the popular piano scene from the Twilight movie. Edward playing piano for Bella is a fan favorite; so Quentin Fielding set to work on paying homage to the scene while showcasing his own original composition in the video.

Long equated to Twilight series star Robert Pattinson in looks, Quentin Fielding felt it was time to acknowledge the resemblance and utilize the popularity of the Twilight series to promote his fantastic music. This short video does all of that in the span of sixty well played, planned, and executed seconds. Emotional, sexy, romantic, heartfelt, and inexplicably breathtaking, “Midnight” ‘s magical hold on its audience must be witnessed.

Quentin Fielding explained, “I’m using “Midnight” as a way to showcase my talents. I want to reach out to those who need to see that I can act as well as score a movie. Many people are double threats in the film industry be it writer/directors or actor/directors, but, to my knowledge, no one is able to marry acting and scoring like I can.” With acting experience and scoring credits to his name in the independent film Aiden Black, his enormous talent is already in circulation, but Quentin Fielding knows it is time to reach a much wider audience. With talent this immense, it is indeed time for the masses to be exposed to it.

Working with long-time collaborator and cinematographer Jason Koontz who shot Aiden Black, Quentin Fielding assembled a small but able team to deliver “Midnight”. This is just a small taste of the huge talent that is Quentin Fielding. To view the video:

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