Sunday, May 6, 2018

Vote Ryan Smith 2018

Why vote for Ryan Smith? Isn’t he like ‘the rest of them’?

Absolutely not. He is so far better than the rest of them. Ryan Smith is extraordinary and he deserves to be your next Hopatcong Borough Council member.

Ryan Smith is the proverbial best neighbor. He is seeking, helpful, and a great listener. He is a go-getter, a doer, a problem solver, and someone who works for Everyman/woman, not ever in it for himself.

Why am I an authority on Ryan Smith? He’s been my husband for 25 years and my forever love for 32 years.

I’ve been a front row observer of Ryan’s character, actions, and motivations for over three decades and can attest that there is no one better for Hopatcong than Ryan Smith.

As a teenager Ryan was active in the Boy Scouts earning his Life Scout rank, all of the merit badges necessary to earn an Eagle Scout, and worked tirelessly on a positive community service project any Eagle Scout candidate would have been heartily congratulated for taking on and completing. Unfortunately, a SNAFU resulted in Ryan NOT earning his Eagle Scout rank. No adult went to bat for him. Ryan finished his childhood career as a Life Scout.

Most would have turned their back on the program that turned its back on them. Not Ryan. Ryan always spoke positively about the Boy Scouts of America program and told me from Day One that whether or not God blessed him with sons, he would volunteer for BSA so he could do for others what others had selflessly done for him.

As luck and God’s blessing would have it, we have two sons and Ryan has been as good as his word and better. He’s mentored boys and adult leaders good-naturedly and steadily, never wavering from answering questions, guiding, leading, mentoring, and encouraging.

“Everything cool I ever learned, I learned in Boy Scouts,” Ryan has said throughout his life. And Ryan can do just about ANYTHING.

Ryan has earned all of his college degrees as an adult. While holding a full time job, raising a young family, and being a positive member of the community, Ryan earned two bachelor degrees and one master’s. As difficult as those years were, Ryan never gave up, never stopped, and always put 100% of himself into all aspects of his academic and non-academic lives.

As a Professional Engineer and Professional Land-Surveyor – an uncommon dual license – Ryan has always been the man who can understand/fix/communicate/draw/problem-solve anything that came to his desk. He is invaluable.

Recently, Ryan was appointed to the Hopatcong Land Use Board and has shared his expertise at the community level. This is a volunteer post that takes hours of his time per month. He does it proudly and pours over the work that needs his attention.

Now Ryan wants to serve you and me as a Hopatcong Borough Council member. His unbiased approach to problem-solving is so necessary. His vision for a better tomorrow for Hopatcong can become a reality if we – you and I – vote him into office.

Please, take a sign, post it on your property, share his information card, share this post, and let people far and wide in Hopatcong know that Ryan Smith is the right person for the job.

Please vote Ryan Smith for Hopatcong Borough Council on Tuesday, June 5th in the Republican Primary. It’s the best decision you can make for Hopatcong.

Thank you.