Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Music Blog - Peaceful Songs

Welcome to the Friday Music Blog on Chief 187 Chatter. This week has brought out

a host of emotions. On Sunday we mourned the death of 33 year old racecar driver Dan Wheldon.

But, throughout the week, I was surprised and humbled when, inspired by that aforementioned event, my readership went through the roof and strangers were writing to tell me how much my

words mean and thank you for writing about Dan Wheldon and death. It may seem weird, but I am still awed and taken aback to find how far reaching my work gets on the Internet!

This week’s topic is songs that bring you peace. Songs that, no matter how frustrated, lonely, sad, or mournful you are, bring you a sense of calm. Please remember to include the artist.

It is my great pleasure to announce that once again Chief 187 Chatter’s followers number increased and is now at 77. In addition, we are a breath away from 30000 pageviews! 30000! I am

so excited. It is such a wonderful thing for me, each milestone, each pageview is hard won and is appreciated. The fact that, more than a year after beginning this site, people are coming to read my work still floors me. I am so encouraged and, thankfully, have so many more topics I look forward to exploring with you.

Please be sure to check on this blog throughout the day and weekend as new responses trickle in all of the time. Also, feel free and comfortable to enjoy all of the archived articles on Chief 187 Chatter. On Monday I begin another week of entirely new and original blogs for your enjoyment. If you like what you see here, please share the link. If you are not already, please feel free to follow me and contact me via Twitter; I am @Chief187s (note the final “s”). Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Add one to that pageview count!
    As for peaceful songs, that pack is huge in my mind but one always jumps up and shouts "Me, me me!" when I think of songs that have brought me peace: Simon & Garfunkel's A Bridge Over Troubled Waters. It's an old song, but it is indelibly burned into my mind because it was my refuge at a time when I found myself at an extremely low and troubled part of my life. Literally living on the streets, my every possession tucked away in my car, all the money I had was what was in my pockets - and that wasn't much. Bridge got me through.

  2. For peace/serenity, I run a mixed loop of Taizé music. Taizé songs typically take the form of repetitive chants. Here is one example of a Taizé piece, Laudate Omnes Gentes

  3. The Air that I Breathe by the Hollies is a peaceful tune when life seems crazy.

  4. Back to the days of "Christopher Robin" and Pooh. I think it Kenny Logins.