Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Not Just Dessert

I stood at the sink, peeling vegetables for the night’s dinner. In the distance a video game played and the children were transfixed by the set, as if in a spell. He walked into the room, seemingly to get a drink. He silently appeared behind me, his nearness unmistakable as I felt his warmth emanating from his skin. My senses were ablaze, my eyes rolled closed; my breath became shallow and labored. His scent, intoxicating, filled the air around me. Suddenly I felt the whisper touch of his warm lips on my naked shoulder. His hand gently moved the hair from my

neck as he exposed the highly sensitive nape. More kisses brought goose bumps to the surface of my skin. My heart rate, accelerated, pushed blood throughout my body and tingling broke out like wildfire. His soft kisses turned more urgent and passionate. His arms encircled me, his hands explored, and I could feel his passion continue to stir. The moment was broken by a tiny voice demanding dinner. I returned to my job, regained composure, but could not wipe the smile off my face. We parted so I could resume the task of creating dinner.

Corn on the cob needed shucking so I set to work on stripping it, making sure to get all the layers off, and rubbing it between my hands to prepare it for its bubbling water bath. My husband brought in the steak, sizzling hot, and laid it to rest so the juices could redistribute. He couldn’t resist a kiss and cupped my face in his strong hands that still

smelled of seasoned smoke. We parted to continue the dance that would lead to the meal. While he laid the table, I gently tossed the salad, using just enough dressing to taste, the tang of the vinegar exciting my tongue.

At last the dinner was ready and the family was called to the table. Amidst cutting steak, slathering corn with butter, and serving the salad, the cacophony surrounding us allowed for a taciturn look that held the promise of later; a time when the house would be quiet, the children

sleeping, and the night entirely ours. I felt his foot caress my ankle and my world began to spin. Using all my strength I forced myself to stay in the moment of mommyhood while my instinct was to clear the table and let passions unleash.

After the meal we worked together to clean up, touching bodies in the tight quarters. Another

sensual embrace led to a longing kiss, filled with the pent up desire that had been mounting. With our charges wrapped up in play, we snuck up to the bedroom and locked the door. Impassioned

kisses were interrupted by a knock on the door.

Bath time ensued, a part of the evening filled with laughter and bubbles. A splash fight

resulted and my white t-shirt became saturated and see-through. An approving and lecherous grin met me in the bedroom. I disrobed and slipped into something much more comfortable and accessible. Teeth were brushed, bedtime stories read, and kisses on the head delivered. When lights were turned off and the children drifted off to sleep, dessert was finally ready to be served.


  1. Of love, happiness, a dinner. gok pretty simple, naive, told a very good depiction of love. But the man takes a realist illusion, also impressed me. Very happy you wrote. :)

  2. Candice,

    Excellent word painting. Great entry. Keep them coming.


  3. Loving this, Candace. My hubby and I are very close - we hardly ever walk by each other without a peck on the cheek or a drag of a hand across the other's back. Every moment is meaningful in life. Embrace it.


  4. Mighty fine desert Candice. I love the way you wrote this, it's poetry to the mind. Your man demands dinner though? lol, Ummm... You need to teach him about being demanding. lol I love it, in it's entirety though!

  5. my children never go to sleep that easily!