Wednesday, October 5, 2011

He Knows

He knows so much and he plays it so well. Even if he is unsure or uneasy, he can gather up the gumption to present a cool and confident demeanor. He can schmoose, charm, and flatter his way through most situations. He is capable, confident, focused, and good at what he does. He is and he knows it.

He knows how to dress effortlessly. Whether in jeans and a tee-shirt with a leather jacket or a suit and tie, he is sexy without trying too hard.

He knows how to navigate a shower in record time, shave, and apply the intoxicating scent of aftershave/cologne to the ideal degree. He knows how to apply just the right amount to be musky and dizzying but not overwhelming.

He knows how to use his hands. He is comfortable assuming the role of mechanic, handy-man,

gardener, and IT guy. He can do all of that as well as cook, clean, and make appointments. He knows how to be a fantastic, generous, creative, and interested lover.

He knows how to drive. He is adept at driving winding country roads and stop and go traffic. He knows how to get around, how to ask for directions, and how to read a map. He knows that when it is time to relinquish driving how not to be critical. He knows how to sit back, relax, and enjoy the break.

He knows how to seduce. He knows how to tune in, be attentive, send his signals, use his eyes, and suck you in. He knows how to make you feel like the only one in the room; to make you feel like you are the most attractive, sexiest person he has ever laid eyes on. He knows how to melt you and lower your defenses. He knows when you have surrendered to his charms.

He knows how to be a father. He knows how to be engaged, playful, stern yet loving. He knows how to rough house, sneak treats, and spit and is more than happy to pass that knowledge down. He knows how to change a diaper, throw a baseball, and have a tea party. He knows and he does it!

He knows how to be a partner. He knows that entails being supportive, ever-present, and not competitive in important matters. He knows that you are a team and are better together than apart. He knows that your roles, although different, are both vitally important to success.

He knows how to conduct business. He knows how to negotiate, be fair, firm, and frank. He knows that business is just that, business. He knows how to be successful but to strike a critical balance.

He knows how to play the all-important “air-instrument”. He knows how to do that incredibly aerobic drum solo, the greatest guitar licks, and the difficult chord progressions on the keyboards. He knows how to summon these characters at only the most appropriate times.

He knows how to make you laugh. He knows how to tell a joke, narrate a story, and enjoy comedy. He knows how to wield his sense of humor, be funny but not hurtful, and make you laugh until you want to pee your pants. He knows because he knows you.

He is complex in his simplicity. He is burdened with the overwhelming tax of being everyman to his partner. He is singled out, blamed, and ridiculed by many, but he maintains his good heart. He is given mixed signals, ruled by his nether regions at times, and not usually as verbal as others. He knows, however, that he is an important… vital… part of your world. He knows.


  1. A wonderful tribute to man-hood! I like the fact that you included cooking, cleaning, & kid-caring as well as the "guy stuff", for a well rounded man must be able to step into these roles too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ah ! But does he know how to stop my apple mac from crashing ?

  3. Gr8 new concept again "He Knows".. Njoyed reading the "Seducing" part the most.. :P Once Again, Job Well Done Candice!! ^U^ Rock!! Lookin frwd to read more of ur work in future. God Be with ya always..#Amen!!

  4. Only one thing is missing....would love to see him bend at the knees and model prayer and faith to his family.