Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Music Blog

What is the song you go to when you want a pick me up? When you are dragging, frustrated, depressed, bored, blah, getting psyched to go out, or simply need some music to elevate your mood, what do you reach for on your iPod, cd collection, or cassette tape? Do you prefer a classic rock band anthem? A kickass country tune? Some high octane sugary sweet bubblegum pop? Do you require smooth jazz to get you movin'? Do you belt out a showtune, dance to some disco, or headbang to some thrash band mix-up like you're in a mosh pit? Are you conducting a great classical piece, blasting a favorite Christmas song, or immersed in a sultry R&B number? Whatever the song or songs, list the one or ones that get your heart pumping, your lips and hips moving, and your pulse racing because you just LOVE the piece(s). There is no limit, just jump on your keyboard and respond to create a list of YOUR favorite(s).


  1. Hmm, good question. Spyro Gyra's first album can work wonders sometimes. So can the John Mayer Trio's Try. Alannis Morrisette's Jagged Little Pill or Chicago's Beginnings can work as well. Some days I'm partial to Billy Joel's 52nd street. There's rather a lot in my iPod that can pick me up, but those are a few.

  2. Oh my! This is tough!

    I usually just get the iPod and push play. Or turn on channel 805 on DirecTV (80's) and go.

    Looking at my list of music in my directory, these few stand out as ones that I immediately smile and want to get my groove on.

    Soak Up the Sun- Sheryl Crow (particularly fun in my husband's car on a sunny day with the sunroof open!)

    Groove is in the Heart- Dee Lite
    Baby Now I- Dan Reed Network
    That's the Way Love Goes- Janet Jackson
    Miss You Much- Janet Jackson
    Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll- U/K
    Genius of Love- Tom Tom Club
    Brick House- Commodores
    Shake Your Thang (It's Your Thing)- Salt-N-Pepa' W/ EU

    All of these depend on how I'm feeling of course. I always have music in the car and you will usually catch me dancing or singing (poorly) if you pull up next to me.

    Daniel would like to post his favorite songs:
    Don't Stop Believing- Journey
    Wanted Dead or Alive- Bon Jovi
    Livin' on a Prayer- Bon Jovi ;)

  3. There's only one album that does it for me and it's vinyl. The turntable doesn't turn right now so I'm a lump.

    Billy Idol's Whiplash Smile in its entirety.

  4. "I will survive" by Gloria Gaynor or "take a chance on me" by Abba. A little Disco always lifts my spirits!

  5. I play some pretty unlikely stuff to move myself "off dead center" when designing. Favorites to get me "into" my work include:

    "Requiem in D Minor" -Mozart
    "Lincolnshire Posy" -Percy Grainger
    "String Quartet no. 1 (1896) "From the Salvation Army" -Charles Ives

    and, sometimes:
    Gustav Holst's "First Suite in E-flat" and his "Second Suite in F."

    Though I don't use it for motivation, a good one would be Aaron Copland's "Hoe-Down" from "Rodeo."

  6. Bob Marley 'Every 'lil ting is gonna be alright :-

  7. House on Pooh Corner... Kenny Loggins
    Why Does Love Have Too Be So Sad ... Clapton & Derick and the Domminos Live
    Grey Seal... Elton John

  8. Grumpa- House on Pooh Corner. That song inspired my tattoo... and when I was pregnant with my oldest I listened to it a lot. He had winnie-the-pooh theme for his crib. :) Great, great song!

  9. House on Pooh Corner is a favorite of mine, too! I own 3 different versions including one with Amy Grant that is particularly beautiful.
    Thank you to everyone for their participation! I always enjoy reading about the musical tastes of my friends. I agree with many of you and am intrigued by a lot of your choices as well!

  10. When I was younger and I felt down, I would put on the headphones and crank it up. It reminds me of times when things were simpler.

  11. Chief, as you know there's a whole plethora of songs I could post from various genres, but here's a quick few.

    If I'm getting "pumped up" then it's "Shine" by Henry Rolins. With the words
    "No such thing as spare time
    No such thing as free time
    No such thing as down time
    All you got is life time"
    it's the kickin the butt I need at times.

    "Speak in Tongues" by the little-known NC band Black Eyed Dog is a great song, where's he's singing to a comatose friend saying anything I could do for you, I would. (you can listen here:

    "Sun's gonna shine" by Citizen Cope is a great hip-hop/folk tune to let you know it'll be OK.

    And in the past few years, "Reach for the sky" by Social Distortion gets me. Basically, Reach for the sky because tomorrow may never come.