Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Music Blog - Southern Rock

Welcome to the Friday Music Blog on Chief 187 Chatter. Music, quite frankly, turns

me on and excites me. Electrifying strains, impassioned lyrics, pounding drums, melodious notes all combine in one permutation or another to transfix, transform, and transpire me. I am passionate about music. I am passionate about the Friday Music Blog.

This week’s focus is Southern Rock. List your favorite songs, bands, and albums of Southern Rock. Keeping in mind that much of Country music is crossover rock and vice versa this category is wide open. Remember to include the artist for all your selections.

Once again I have the distinct privilege of informing you all that Chief 187 Chatter hit another milestone; 27000 pageviews was achieved earlier in the week and the site is already well on its

way to 28000! We picked up another “follower” and had so many eyes on these "pages" this week. Year two of Chief 187 Chatter is well on its way and for that, and all of you, I am most grateful.

Once you have left your selections, please check back here throughout the day/weekend to see any and all new entries to this post. In addition, feel free to check out the blogs you may have missed this week and previous weeks as well. I invite you to join me on Monday for another week of entirely new blogs with original content. Happy Weekend, All!


  1. Lynyrd Skynyrd... is there any other band?!?

  2. I will give Racer Lynyrd Skynyrd but there were one or two other bands that paved the way for them.
    The Allman Brothers... Live At The Filmore Album
    The Outlaws... Green Grass And High Tides Forever
    New Riders Of The Purple Sage... Panama Red
    Marshal Tucker Band... Heard It In A Love Song
    Charlie Daniels Band... Devil Went Down To Georgia
    The Band... The Night They Drove Old Down
    The Doobie Brothers... Black Water
    Molly Hatchet... Flirting With Disaster
    Little Feat... Dixie Chicken
    .38 Special... Caught Up In You
    In the 70's, all the Southern Rock Bands had a BIG following and Fan base here on Long Island. You could see them LIVE for $10 or $15 in a good number of places that held from 500 to 1500 people.
    "BOY DO I MISS THE 70's!"