Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Movie Blog - Favorite Children's Movies

Welcome to the Monday Movie Blog on Chief 187 Chatter. My daughter’s birthday last week brought a few new movies into our home aimed for child audiences. I thought about the

movies I enjoyed as a child but couldn’t remember a lot of titles. I do recall how I felt as a little girl when a movie captured my imagination; filled with awe and wonderment, lost in a

fantasyland, truly fixated. As I grew older movies became even more relevant to me and my grasp

of things like the importance of music developed. Finally my tastes became sophisticated and varied and the adult consumer of movies of many kinds emerged. Movies, it would seem, have always been an important and ever-present part of my life.

This week’s focus is favorite children’s movies. This is a category that is truly to the discretion of the individual, but generally movies that were aimed at children ages 2-12. Please give a list of stars, a brief description, or a review.

To access former Monday Movie Blogs simply type in “Monday Movie Blog” in the search feature located on the upper left hand corner of this page. Please feel free to add new selections and, by all means, use this as the resource it is!

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  1. Finding Nemo
    The Fox and the Hound
    The Sword and the Stone

  2. Although Racer already said it... I have to 2nd "Finding Nemo." My favorite of the Pixar movies.

    "Toy Story" series.

    "Cars" the first one, not so much the 2nd one.

    "Rescuers" (I learned how to spell it via the song in the movie). I had this Disney classic on vinyl when I was younger.

    "Mary Poppins" just makes my heart sing when I watch it.

    Around this time of year, I look forward to watching "Muppet Christmas Carol." I can't seem to decorate until I see it. ;)

    "The Lion King", the opening scene has me in tears EVERY time! Same with seeing this classic on the Broadway stage.

    "Beauty & the Beast", the song "Be Our Guest" is another that sends my alter ego "Sappy McSappypants" reaching for the tissues. It is coming to our area later this year on stage and I can't wait to see it! My daughter's favorite of the Princesses is Belle.

    "The Princess Bride", while there is that one curse word and is probably aimed at a little higher in the 2-12 age range, all my kids sit with me and watch it if we happen to see it flipping through channels. I had it on my iPad during a trip to D.C. earlier this year for the kids to watch as well.

    Also this time of year the TV classics, "Its The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving", and "A Charlie Brown Christmas" are all must-sees for all ages, not just children.

    I'm pretty sure there are many others that I love and enjoy and can't wait to share with my kids...

  3. Dang it! I forgot Cars!

    Maybe it's because I always think of that as an animated movie for grown-up car-nuts like myself.

    And I did enjoy the second one!