Sunday, September 16, 2018

My First Book By: Candice Smith

When a dream comes to fruition it is a heady experience! Dreams make life worth living. And when a dream that has seemed out of reach comes into focus and is on the verge of being realized, it’s shout-worthy!

Next month my dream, my life-long dream, becomes reality!

I’ve written and am now publishing my first book!

Since I was a child I have been “writing”.

First it was trying to create words for a Wonder Woman comic I had in my head. Then it became writing a romance novel. I tried writing my autobiography in my late teens.

Nothing got finished.

Blogging became an excellent way for me to write. It started with Motorsports, morphed into personal topics, went back to Motorsports, and now teeter totters between the two genres.

Leaving the world of Motorsports in 2016 – I had created and helmed Drafting the Circuits, a Motorsports website with original articles, an Internet radio weekly program, and a site that provided me media credentials from the Indianapolis 500, Circuit of the Americas for Formula One, and Pocono International Raceway among many others – gave me the time to write my book.

Many thought the topic of my book would center on Motorsports. That would have been most logical with the thousands of articles I’d written in my life in this category.

My strength and experience, however, actually lies in a different topic:  Christmas.

For over thirty years I have been gathering knowledge and information on how to prepare a fabulous Christmas.

I employ year-round techniques that make Christmas and other holidays more manageable, more affordable, and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

I’ve packaged my tips, recipes, gift-guides, how-tos, and personal anecdotes into my first book entitled Christmas Candi:  A Guide to Year-Round Holiday Bliss!

Offered as both a print book and a fully-colored eBook, Christmas Candi:  A Guide to Year-Round Holiday Bliss will become a go-to resource in the home.

It’s useful, informational, packed with easy and quick recipes that look and taste fabulous, fantastic gift guides for all types of people, stocking stuffers ideas, and stories that are humorous as well as poignant.

There is so much packed into this book!

Be sure to get it for your home, and, remember, it makes an awesome gift!

Since I began my Internet career, the support I’ve had has been overwhelming in the best of ways. It humbles me greatly.

With the publication of Christmas Candi:  A Guide to Year-Round Holiday Bliss, I hope I can continue to count on your support.

I believe you will truly read and use this book each and every year and throughout the year as well.

Thank you! 

Stay tuned for release date coming October 2018!