Wednesday, September 28, 2011

You Know

You know well enough to know when things are right. You have reached a state of consciousness where you trust your thoughts, feelings, and emotions and can surmise what is right for you in most given situations. You are at one with body, mind, and soul and can act accordingly. You know.

You know when the shoes are just right. Tall, sexy, gorgeous and “you”, the shoe is outrageous! They elongate your leg, give you height, and make the outfit. No one has to tell you, you just know.

You know when the jeans fit perfectly. Tight-fitting, hugging your curves, accentuating your

assets, and creating a very appealing overall look, you know when the jeans fit. It may take an eternity of trying on pair after pair, but once you have them on, you know. Regardless of the price, because we’d pay anything to look this good, you know.

You know when your hair looks just right, the make-up is applied perfectly, and you are stylin’. Even if you haven’t been trained by professionals, you are able to construct a look, “the” look that works best for you. The look that makes you smile to yourself knowingly that, yeah, you got

it goin’ on.

You know when you’ve got your flirt on and workin’. Eyes wide and interested, smile on your lips, engaged in playful conversation. You touch him emphatically to let him know you are interested. Leaning in to laugh at his jokes, you graze his arm. You know there is electricity and he feels it, too.

You know when he touches you he wants you. His eyes are locked on you, his breath is husky, and his pulse is racing. You know he’s going to kiss you and you know you want him to and are going to let him. You know that when you close your eyes you’ll see white lightening.

You know that you are in control of the situation. You know that this is the time to just feel because you know he is the one. You know that this… he is what you want and you won’t be denied.

You know that you are finally able to know what you want and you know there is no greater feeling. You know and that makes all of the difference.

You know that even though you may stumble, have rough days, question your sensibilities, your attractiveness, and even your worth, you know that you will recover, rebound, and readjust to get your sense of balance back. You know because you’ve been there. You know because you just know. And knowing that makes you stellar.


  1. I believe I'll pass on the "Tall, sexy, gorgeous" shoes - somehow they look silly on me :-)

    Great thoughts of encouragement, Candice. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautifully written, and very much what I needed this morning. Thank you beautiful lady!

  3. Well written and uplifting. Although I've never tried on a pair of jeans in the store. I just know my size and as long as it's loose fitting, I'm happy. My shoes don't make me taller, but I know once I try on a new running shoe whether or not it's for me instantly.

  4. '''Allan Douglas said...
    I believe I'll pass on the "Tall, sexy, gorgeous" shoes - somehow they look silly on me :-)'''

    LMFAO..i agree with ya..

    Each time you bringing up some different tastes..hmm...this one is damn tasty for sure..undoubtedly!!

    Job Well Done Candice..^U^ Rock!!

  5. it's awesome...knowing. :)


  6. I already have THAT pair of Red Shoes, BUT I STILL NEED THAT PERFECT BLACK DRESS. I know that dress will define that LOOK that I have been trying to perfect all my life... With Halloween approaching, a guy really needs that Special Dress.
    PS... For those of you who are not sure... THESE ARE THE JOKES!!!