Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Music Blog - School-Themed Songs

Welcome to the Friday Music Blog on Chief 187 Chatter. This week was entirely dedicated to school. From movies to menus, Simple Joys to freestyle Wednesday’s ode to the Student/Teacher relationship, I was obsessed with the theme. As the Friday Music Blog is a personal favorite, and music being a huge part of my life, it stands to reason I’d end the week in the same mindset!

This week’s focus is songs that mention in the title or the lyric “teacher”, “school”, or anything of the like. Please be sure to include the artist as well.

This week I realized a personal goal at this site; Chief 187 Chatter reached and surpassed 25000 pageviews 5 days shy of the 1 year Anniversary (September 13th). I am duly elated, relieved, thrilled, and blessed! My hope is that you are still happy with the quality of the content, the topics covered, and, well, me! I have a renewed vigor to continue this site and sincerely hope you are happy to stick around for the ride! Much thanks and gratitude for your loyalty and support!

Please join me over the weekend to check on the progress of this blog and to check out comments/content of other blogs from throughout the week(s). I invite you to join me on Monday for another entirely new week of original postings! We’ll certainly be celebrating Chief 187 Chatter’s 1st year Anniversary all next week! Cheers!!


  1. School's Out for Summer - Alice Cooper
    Rockin Roll High School - The Ramones


    Boy was it worth waiting another five years for :-)

  3. Be True To You School -Beach Boys
    Late For School -Steve Martin
    Me and Julio Down By the School Yard -S&G

  4. i'm disturbed that Hot for Teacher isn't in the list yet... yet i am not....
    School- Supertramp
    Teachers- Daft Punk
    Teacher- Jethro Tull
    The Wall- Pink Floyd (CAN'T forget that one. Acid or no.)
    Smoking in the Boys' Room- Motley Crue

  5. I know why that photo of the beautiful George Michael is there!!
    Father Figure by George Michael. Pretty sexy song. ;)

  6. Jules, what about "Teacher"?! Isn't that the name of the song?! I thought you would have mentioned that one for sure! You constantly surprise me. And, he was beautiful, wasn't he?!

  7. Don't Stand( So Close To Me)- The Police
    Whole lotta love- Led Zepplin

  8. There is no song for her YET but....
    How about giving a Shout Out to Chief 187 as a GOOD TEACHER? You taught me to find pleasure and enjoyment in the 'Simple Things' in life and not to take the people I love, (and who love me) for granted. THANKS for helping me readjust my focus. You are a positive influence on more people than you know.
    PS... HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY TO YOU...... 25,000... That is what my ex put our charge cards in one year after we refinanced and paid them all off... LOL (These Are The Jokes) It was only $12,000.

  9. Father Figure Lyrics:
    I will be your father figure
    Put your tiny hand in mine
    I will be your preacher teacher
    Anything you have in mind
    I will be your father figure
    I have had enough of crime
    I will be the one who loves you
    till the end of time

    Unless you are thinking of another song... This is the only one I could think of. :D