Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Music Blog

Welcome to the Friday Music Blog on Chief 187 Chatter. We are constantly challenging our brains to find the “right” songs to figure into the topic of these blogs. The point to remember is these interactive blogs are merely fun and meant to showcase our most-loved songs for others to be exposed.

This week’s focus is songs that contain the word Friday either in the title or lyric. Please list any and all songs that contain the word “Friday” and be sure to include the artist. Finally, a Friday Music Blog that contains the word “Friday”!

This week marked a turning point at Chief 187 Chatter. In an effort to draw more eyes to these pages I have begun including more "newsy" articles. The core content has always been and will continue to be my personal musings, but I wanted to expand the horizons and see if I could build a larger following/readership. I enjoy writing the articles so they are staying for now.

I suggest you check back with this blog throughout the day and weekend as responses trickle in throughout. Then I invite you to join me on Monday when a whole new week of original blogs begins.

Have a safe and Happy Labor Day Weekend!


  1. Lee Shot Williams "It's Friday"

  2. Trying this with Firefox instead of MSIE - the only Friday song that springs to mind is an oldie: Black Friday - Steely Dan.

  3. Huge Steely Dan fan here! Great selection! :-) Gratifying to see you here!

  4. That annoying Rebecca Black song.. Friday. AUGH!

  5. Friday I'm in love- The Cure or. Friday- J.J. Cale . Does this qualify as an eclectic blend?

  6. Friday Night's Alright For Fighting... Elton John
    Friday On My Mind... The Easybeats
    PS I like the new photo by Hiedi

  7. Hahahahha Grumpa! Yes, the jewels were gifts from Racer. He knows how to spoil me :-) I'm glad you like the picture! I'll let Heidi know!