Saturday, September 3, 2011

Houston Alexander: Pinnacle of Perfect Manhood

With muscles rippling and jaw clenched Houston Alexander brings fear and apprehension to his opponents in the cage, allowing doubt to override their senses and get them off balance. Houston Alexander has the might to back up his menacing presence and the ability to dispose of his conquest quickly and easily. But the man in the cage is far different than the man at home caring for his family and looking out for those in his community. Lean and mean, energized and endearing, ruthless and calculating, charming and genuine, Houston Alexander is the living example of dichotomy. This is Houston Alexander.

A giant in the cage, Houston Alexander is a light heavyweight MMA fighter who has been to the UFC and had to leave (record of 2-4). Now in the process of pursuing a spot in the UFC once again, Houston Alexander is more fit, focused, and confident than ever. “I’m the best I’ve ever been,” Alexander relays excitedly. He finally understands how to nurture and prepare his body and sees no reason why he can’t continue fighting for the better part of a decade. “Look at Randy Couture, if he could do it and he had injuries, I know I can because I have hardly had any injuries. If I keep training and keep my body up I see myself fighting the next 5, 6, 7 years easily!” With a winning attitude, conditioning and nutrition perfected, and a drive unparalleled, Houston Alexander has set his sites on the top level of MMA and wants to get a spot back in the UFC. When it comes to fighting Alexander emphatically states, “It’s like I’m a dope fiend/crackhead. I gotta do it!”

I asked Houston Alexander to define what it was like for him to step into the cage for a fight. He eloquently explained, “It’s almost like a serenity, like being in another world, a portal to another world and I’m floating. All I see is my opponent in front of me. It’s almost like a calm; until you get hit and then the storm hits!” Now Houston Alexander knows that confidence is the name of the game and he has an abundance of self-esteem. Now when he faces his opponent he tells himself, “This guy is NOT going to beat me.” This has been the case in recent fights and Alexander said he should have done that all throughout the beginning of his career. And when asked who he wants to fight in his future Alexander muses, “I want to fight the A1 best in the world for 205 pounds. I think I’m far better than anyone in the world. I want to show the world, ‘this is what you are missing!’"

Houston Alexander’s day begins at five thirty in the morning and gets him to the YMCA in town by 6:30 to teach a class offered for free called “How to Workout”. He began the class because it used to bother him to go there and see people struggle with the equipment and not know what to do at the gym. He started the program, offered it for free, and started with five people. Now the class is consistently filled with twenty-five people who are reaping the rewards of living in the same town as Houston Alexander. After his morning workout Alexander’s day is filled with chores, responsibilities, and carpooling like many other parents.

Having seven children five of whom live with Alexander requires him to be fiercely organized. A chart in the home is the backbone of the system that keeps everyone on task, on time, and remembered. In addition to raising his large family, Houston Alexander works with Lutheran Family Services in mentoring new fathers. A program he feels strongly about, Alexander wants the fathers of today who may have no idea how to be the best dad they can be, do just that. Houston Alexander takes his role as a father very seriously and counts his children as his best accomplishment. Knowing that creating a child doesn’t make you a dad, being one does, he gives up his time to teach a well-rounded curriculum of helpful information to make fatherhood in all of its glory accessible to the men who sign up for the class.

Among the other things that take up Houston Alexander’s time and commitments, a mural project that excites him because, “I’ve always been into Grafitti Art,” and a Hip Hop Cultural Program called the Culture Shock School Tour Alexander takes into the schools and community centers to teach school-aged children through young adults of all ages about the roots and history of Hip Hop.

Of course, amidst all of these endeavors, press invasions for interviews, school conferences, and several workouts a day, Houston Alexander has also been doing radio work for a decade on Sunday Night Raw Power on 106.9 out of Omaha (part of NRG Media) that showcases the absolute best of Indie Hip Hop Music from around the globe. Alexander is wildly passionate about music and spreading Indie talent.

It’s Houston Alexander’s can do attitude, dedication to self, family, career, and community, and his charismatic personality that make him such a magnetic person. In the cage he becomes uncaged; a laser beam of pure intensity focused on annihilation for survival. At home he is Daddy, catering to the needs of his family, serving his community, and expanding his horizons. Houston Alexander even relayed information about his brand new deal freshly inked aligning his talents with the Stars Agency. This alliance will allow Houston Alexander another avenue to showcase his talent, reach his fanbase, and bring his career to another plane.

No matter what Houston Alexander touches it bears his personal signature. With the determination and confidence he exhibits, his desire to get back to the UFC is certainly attainable. With his Adonis-good looks, charms that oozes out of every pore, and quick wit, his acting career is forthcoming, and with his approachability, likability, and feet firmly planted on the ground, Houston Alexander is a winner no matter what stage he walks.

If you are looking for a fighter you can root for in and out of the cage, you have found him in Houston Alexander!

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