Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Movie Blog

Welcome to the Monday Movie Blog on Chief 187 Chatter. The summer is starting to wind down and the urgency to squeeze every last bit of fun out of it is peaking. The summer blockbusters are fading into the sunset and the next big time for major releases is the period between November and January. The armchair and couch are the places to watch movies so the Monday Movie Blog will assist in finding the right one to fit your mood.

This week’s focus is movies that are set during summer. List your favorite movies that are set during the summertime. Be sure to include a list of well-known actors, a brief synopsis or a review of the film.

To access former Monday Movie Blogs simply type “Monday Movie Blog” in the search feature located in the upper left hand side of this page. If you are compelled to add to archived lists, be sure to do so. This resource is for the entirety of the Chief 187 Chatter readership and exists for endless use and updating.

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  1. For some reason this one seems trickier to me so I'll start it off with...wait for it Grease ( its this or slashed movies) I know, I know but you all know the tunes! And Olivia Newton John in those leather pants! So there you go a cult classic with her and John Travolta (did he disappear for like 20 years after this? Lol) so everyone, We go together like....

  2. This is hands down one of my favorite all time movies EVER! Great response Rob! Thank you!!

  3. Summer School staring Mark Harmon & Kirstie Alley. Mrk Harmon's character chooses to be a teacher to have summers off, but ends up teaching summer school t a bunch of ragtag bunch o kids. Now, it has been forever since I've seen this movie so I don't remember now bad the language might be. But I remembering it being good summer fun. Two thumbs up.

    Weekend At Bernies. I will confess I have never seen this movie & really do not plan to. I was just surprised that no one mentioned it.

    Dirty Dancing! It was the summer of 65 (?) at Kellerman's! The late Patrick Swayze & Jennifer Grey. The music (minus a couple if stinkers) is great & I love watching the dancing. The story line doesn't hold my attention much though.

    I know there HAS to be more!