Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Simple Joys

Welcome to Simple Joys on Chief 187 Chatter. I find most days can be terribly complicated, riddled with too much to do, too many misinterpretations, and endless confusion. By slowing down, shaking off, and prioritizing life can become more simplified, calmer, and enhanced. Slowing the pace and remembering to enjoy the beautiful sky, a child’s innate laughter, or the meal in front of you can lead to better consciousness overall. Finding and recognizing the Simple Joys life holds is the key to happiness. Now, without further ado, is this week’s Simple Joys.

Hospital. My father was in the hospital this past week for a planned heart procedure. He had not suffered any pain or worse but a test showed some concern. We were very optimistic but my father, like many, detests hospitals, needles, and the like. No matter when he was released my father was going to need someone to drive him home; I volunteered. My mother stayed home with my three children and I took the day to care for my father. We had, despite the circumstances, a wonderful day chatting, sitting quietly together, and just being. I gave him pep talks; he listened to me, and a lot of the times he simply dozed while I worked. Thankfully, by the end of the night, he was released with a relatively clean bill of health. We were both relieved. He chattered all the way home about how nice everybody was at the hospital (Morristown Memorial in New Jersey) and how thrilled he was to be going home. Spending the day with my father and being there for him was a Simple Joy I will always relish.

Expanding my Horizons. Part of my “job” is promoting my work so it can find an ever-larger audience. This usually takes far more time than the actual writing does, but it is a necessary evil for what I am trying to accomplish. Knowing that some of my pieces from the first months were not seen but the vast majority who read me now, I put out one of my all-time favorites for resubmission; “The Art of the Kiss”. I started to blast the article on Twitter and actually direct it to specific individuals. One of these people took such an immediate and passionate reaction to it that he contacted me about putting it on his site. I agreed and now it can be seen at Diamond Cutters International’s website (http://DiamondCuttersIntl.com) under President/CEO Fred Cuellar’s personal blog. I couldn’t be more pleased and proud as every piece I write is a part of me and that piece specifically is like my star. Hopefully more work will show up on Diamond Cutter International’s website in the future. In the meantime, I’m delighting in “The Art of the Kiss” time in the limelight and filing this away as an incredible Simple Joy.

Out to Dinner. For those of you with children, multiple children especially, it is difficult to imagine dining out without stress and frustration. Our children are actually quite well behaved, but their young ages still make dining out more of a chore than a treat. The other night we found ourselves in need of eating out and chose our all-time favorite Sushi/Asian buffet. Five-star dining with a lofty price tag worth every penny, we make out on the deal when we bring our children because all three love and devour sushi. Our youngest at under 2 is free, our 4 year old is 1/5 the price and our 9 year old is half off. Those poor people who own the restaurant lose tons of money because our kids eat far more than we pay for them! Seeing our children use manners, thrilled with their food, and getting along is a Simple Joy worth every dollar spent!

I’m fully aware that life can be difficult, stressful, and simply hard. Rough times, touch situations, and overwhelming odds seem to meet us at every turn. But I believe by opening your heart and mind to the Simple Joys that exist in life, you’ll find more and more of them populating your days, weeks, and beyond. Reading mine I hope you are inspired to write yours or, at the very least, think about your own Simple Joys.

Please join me tomorrow as I wax poetic about my birthday!


  1. So glad that you were able to spend some time with your father while he was in the hospital and that he is doing well. Those of moment in time you can't recreate but will stay with you forever as a smile in your heart.
    Congratulations on getting your article "The Art of the Kiss" onto Diamond Cutters site. I remember the article and how enjoyable it was to read.

  2. Treasure that time spent with your young children and your father... all to soon it will be a treasured memory.

    i appreciate your heart!


  3. Get well soon AllardJ2 !

    My simple joy this week has been preparing tomorrow's blog, guaranteed to make you smile :-)

  4. Im so happy your Dad pulled through with flying colors!! Being a Daddy's girl, I think its wonderful that you could be his #Rock as I'm sure he has been many times for you!!! #Precious!!! Kudos on the feature post!! Fred (of which I love and follow) has a great eye!!! ;-) #ILovedThatPostToo!!! *Kiss* Lastly, I too Adore when I take my kids out and they receive compliments on their manners! #LifesLittleBlessings #SimpleJoys ;-)
    Much Love, My Friend!!!! *Hugs*
    Dr. Mo (Monique)