Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Music Blog

Welcome to the Friday Music Blog on Chief 187 Chatter. By the end of the week, I, like you who work hard, am flat out tired and ready to coast. The Friday Music Blog is a great way to end the week, as it is purely interactive and a personal favorite. I get to write a bit less in the hopes that the topic I choose sparks interest and you feel compelled to respond.

This week’s topic, as has been the theme over the last several weeks, is the next in the sequence of the days of the week. Today we are up to Wednesday. List any and all songs either with “Wednesday” in the title OR in the lyrics of the song. Be sure to include the artist who performs the song.

This week Chief 187 Chatter pushed through 23000 pageviews, created more buzz, and continues to manifest an ever-growing readership. With weeks to go until the first anniversary of this project, I am excited to see how far-reaching it is in that time span. Whether thousands or one reading, the fact that my personal ramblings resonate still bewilders and humbles me. Thank you for your generous donation of time to visit my site!

Please join me throughout the weekend to revisit this or any other archived blog. I invite you to join me on Monday for another week of all new and original postings. In addition to Simple Joys on Tuesday, I am writing something special for my free-style Wednesday, as that is my birthday! Hope to see you all back here!


  1. ? This one is a bit of a stummper,but everyone wants a Wednesday Car (Johnny Cash).

  2. Happy Days Theme...

    She's Leaving Home... The Beatles
    Those are Great #'s. Let' break it down. 23,000 people visited your sight in,say, 11 months (Does that count the ones that stay signed in?) That is 2091 People per month, 479 People per week, and 68.6 People, on average, signing in every day.
    I am guessing if you compared these #'s to your first month or two, You could use those #'s to explain the word "Exponentially" to any Math student.
    I happen to know that Your 'Advertising Budget' is $0, (give or take $.05) So therefore you rely on "Word Of Mouth" to increase your following. Guess what.... IT IS WORKING VERY WELL for you. I can't wait to see the future growth.
    P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope you enjoy the ...X'th anniversary of Your 21st birthday. You are not getting older, You are getting BETTER.