Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Movie Blog

Welcome to the Monday Movie Blog on Chief 187 Chatter. I’ve been using movies to entertain myself while exercising on my elliptical machine. Initially I had a television and VCR (yes, antiquated as it was, I had dozens of movies and they all viewed beautifully) but recently upgraded to a DVD player, a much-appreciated Mother’s Day gift from my family. Watching movies offers a pleasant escape and couples my “me time” with my exercise time, effectively killing two birds with one stone. I am quickly exhausting my supply of owned movies and am always interested in what movie choices people are most excited. The Monday Movie Blog is a wonderful resource for me to tap, and hopefully is the same for you!

This week’s focus is movies with incredible soundtracks. These are movies that may or may not have been stellar, but the music was off the charts! From movie musicals to awesome compilations and others that claim original songs, which movies boast the best soundtracks? Give the name of the movie, list the stars, and include a brief synopsis or review of the film. In addition, make sure to highlight the incredible soundtrack of the movie in question.

To utilize the entire collection of Monday Movie Blogs on Chief 187 Chatter, please type “Monday Movie Blog” into the Search feature located in the upper left hand corner of this page. Please feel free to add your selections to current or former topics. This resource is for all to use… for free!

I invite you all to join me tomorrow for Chief 187 Chatter’s most popular and uplifting post of the week, Simple Joys.


  1. Off the top of my head "Stop Making Sense" Talking Heads 1984

  2. Monterey Pop
    Lost Boys
    Star Wars (all 6)(Who doesn't like John Williams?!?)
    Indiana Jones (all 3)(Who really doesn't like John Williams?!?)

  3. I LOVE the soundtrack to Sister Act & Sister Act 2.

    The Lost Boys
    Back to the Future
    Dirty Dancing

    Insensitive by Jann Arden from the movie Bed of Roses is heavily played on my iPod.

  4. The Blues Brothers a classic blues/ rock soundtrack featuring Cab Calloway,Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin,James Brown... Plus Jake &Elwood singing "both kinds of music country and western" Stand By Your Man then Rawhide! A sound track as raucous as the movie! The Elevator music scene is priceless.I'm rolling just thinkin' about it!

  5. The Perfect Storm
    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
    Out of Africa
    Good Morning Vietnam
    Blade Runner
    The Graduate
    American Graffiti
    The Godfather
    Kill Bill
    Pirate Radio
    North By Northwest