Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Music Blog

Welcome to the Friday Music Blog on Chief 187 Chatter. As my birthday week comes to a close, I’m delighted it is once again time to discuss music. I get a thrill each time my iPod spins one of my favorites; let’s face it, on MY iPod, they are ALL my favorites! But I am always looking to find new gems to add to the lot. This post provides infinite fodder for finding new favorites.

This week’s topic is songs with “Thursday” either in the title or the lyrics. Please list any and all songs with “Thursday” and be sure to include the artist.

I want to thank you all for spending my “birthday week” with me. I traditionally get a bit morose on or directly after my birthday, but with my darling children, wonderful husband, and brand new career, I have neither time nor the desire to fall into that mood. I sincerely appreciate all of you who come to this site, read my words, and leave yours.

Please join me over the weekend for any posts you may have missed and to follow this blog as the list expands. Then, I invite you to join me on Monday for another week of all new posts. Thank you and enjoy your weekend!


  1. Happy (belated) Birthday To You. On this 10th anniversary of your 29th birthday remember, you are not getting older, you are getting "Wiser and Better".
    I wish more females could learn to look in the mirror and see the beauty their mates see, rather than see, what she thinks are faults. Now that you have learned to do that, can you teach that to.... some other women.
    Enjoy the next 12 months, and might I suggest that you take that time to buy a pair of sunglasses. Your future is so Bright, you better wear shades.