Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beyonce and Jay-Z Expecting!

The earthquake and Hurricane Irene were not the only earth moving events last week; news that Beyonce was pregnant with Jay-Z’s baby trumped all! Married since the spring of 2008, the couple has endured years of speculation over their wedded bliss, impending divorce, and baby bumps that heretofore had never materialized into anything.

A stunning turn at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs)on August 29th revealed a glorious accessory to Beyonce’s lovely tomato red gown – a predominant abdomen suggesting a baby groweth inside! When the announcement was made, Twitter was all atwitter! Backstage, Jay-Z was complimentary of his still super sexy wife, as well as protective and gallant. The two are obviously embracing their roles as parents-to-be and beyond joyful about their impending bundle of joy.

From Beyonce’s mother Tina Knowles to Kanye West (who is promoting his new album Watch the Throne made in conjunction with Jay-Z), all are overjoyed for the couple. In the light of all of the natural disasters befalling the country, the economic crisis, and international unrest, the coming of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s progeny is great news all can rally behind!

So now the big mystery is, what will Beyonce and Jay-Z name their overly blessed little bundle of joy? Leave your suggestions below!

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