Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Monday Movie Blog (on Tuesday)

Welcome to the Monday Movie Blog on Chief 187 Chatter. There are many times I plan to see a movie in the theaters and find, when I’m ready to commit to a sitter, the movie is long gone. Some movies just don’t have the staying powers to cut it commercially against a perceived stronger popular flick. Real estate on the big screen in a theater is highly sought so there just isn’t a lot of time for a movie to prove itself and stick around for one to make long-term plans to catch it. My suggestion is to keep a journal, piece of paper, or back of an envelope handy to write down the names of all the movies you wanted to see but were unable due to crazy schedules, dependent children, or the like. By having the list, whenever the opportunity presents itself, you’ll always know you have a movie to rent or get from Netflix that is one you really wanted to see! In addition, when the Monday Movie Blog comes out weekly, you can cross reference your list with the lists created by the Chief 187 Chatter readers.

This week’s focus is movies set in Chicago. List your favorite movies that have been set in the fantastic area known as Chicagoland. Be sure to include the stars of the film and a brief review or synopsis.

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Post Script:

Due to Hurricane Irene I have had no internet connection for days. I am posting both the Monday Movie Blog and Simple Joys today, Tuesday, August 30, 2011, in hopes that you will find time to read and perhaps comment on both. Thank you for your patience and support! ~Chief 187


  1. The Blues Brothers a classic with" Sweet Home"Chicago as a backdrop or costar! Staring John Belushi, Dan Akroyd & a grand ensemble cast. Bad boys see the light and do there best to help the orphanage they were raised in by putting the BAND back together against all odds to perform and save the orphanage from forclosure.Come On Baby don't you wanna go ...

  2. I agree that 'The Blues Brothers' has to be at the top of the list. The music, the endless list of great people in cameo roles. It reminds me of how GREAT SNL was back then. A single comedy skit for a show, branched out to a Movie and a FANTASTIC ALBUM.
    'The Fugitive' Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones A remake of the great TV Show where Dr. Richard Kimble is falsely accused of killing his wife and searches for the 'One Armed Man' who committed the crime, in order to prove he is innocent.
    I too felt the effects of 'IRENE'. I was one of the lucky ones who's power only went out for 18 hours. There are people on Long Island that are still waiting for power to be restored. I guess you could say that getting my power restored is my "Simple Joy" for this week.

  3. Basically every John Hughes film he made was in a non-descript Chicago town/suburb.

    The Breakfast Club
    Ferris Beuller's Day Off
    Sixteen Candles
    Pretty in Pink

    When Harry Met Sally was also set in Chicago