Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Music Blog

Welcome to the Friday Music Blog on Chief 187 Chatter. Music soothes, inspires, energizes, and calms me; not at the same time usually! There is little that pumps me up more than knowing my iPod is chock full of my favorite artists and songs. New editions add depth to my collection and the Friday Music Blog provides weekly opportunities to enhance my ever-expanding collection of music.

This week’s topic is songs that have the word “Tuesday” in the title or lyric. Be sure to include the artist as well as the song.

This week has proven to be another great one for Chief 187 Chatter. In two days, Tuesday through Thursday of this week, Chief 187 Chatter swelled from 21,000 pageviews (achieved early Tuesday morning) to rushing past 22,000 pageviews (Thursday afternoon)! One thousand pageviews was mindblowing for me when it took the site a week to earn because that was a record pace! With these numbers I am left dizzy, disoriented, and soaring! Fluke or not, foreshadowing for what is to come or not, I am a happy, excited, and humbled person by the interest for these articles.

Please continue to check this Friday Music Blog throughout the day and weekend for new responses. And I invite you to return on Monday for another all new week of original posts. Thank you for your continuing interest and support!


  1. Tuesdays Dead - Cat Stevens
    Ruby Tuesday - Rolling Stones

  2. Tuesday Afternoon- The Moody Blues
    No Tuesday in the following but inspiring. You may have to copy/paste the link:

  3. 1,000 in two days, WOW. YOU GO GIRL!!!