Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Simple Joys

Thankfully I'm having an easy time writing this piece for the last few weeks. I've also had rousing support for it's weekly appearance so, until further notice, "Simple Joys" is going to be found on the Tuesday slot! What makes this topic so great is I'm able to do my thing as usual, but you all are much more apt to comment. Finding things that make you happy week in and week out and telling others about them is a terrific way of keeping a positive perspective. Here's this week's list for me:

Whether we're in the depths of winter or in the blazing summer, Blistex Lip Med Ex is my nightly lip application. This little round ointment keeper with it's clear balm with a tingly feeling has kept my lips moist and healthy for years and I am addicted to it! I keep several going so I NEVER run out. I highly recommend the product and swear by its positive effects on one's lips. If you suffer from chapped lips, dry lips, or any other lip ailment, try this amazing lip soother. This is not only a Simple Joy for me, it is also a Simple Necessity.

For Christmas my husband surprised me with a pair of LL Bean suede and shearling lined moccasin-style slippers. They have an actual sole, fit perfectly, and keep my once always-cold feet as warm as toast! We don't believe in wearing shoes in our house as it cuts down on spreading germs and dirt, so slippers are a must. I'd had good pairs before, but these are the best I've had to date. The best part? He ordered them in red, my favorite color! Having warm feet every day and night I am in my home is a priceless Simple Joy.

Recently I stumbled across a terribly delicious new candy bar. I say terribly because it is so freakin' delicious I can hardly stop eating these bad boys. Made by the Mars Candy Company, the new Snickers Peanut Butter Squares are quite possibly the best candy on Earth. Listen, I've done a ton of research (all unofficial, of course, but hardcore) and tasted a multitude of chocolate candy bars. I am not even a diehard chocolate peanut butter fanatic, but this concoction is easily as near to perfect as a chocolate bar can be. Run, don't walk, to your nearest grocery store, convenience store, mini-mart, or discount store and find these candy bars dressed in a distinctive yellow (more mustard than sunshine) wrapper. When you do, drop me a comment about what YOU thought about them. During one of our last snowstorms when I had time to hit the grocery store before the inclement weather hit, I drove with my two younger children to the store and through 3 bags of this candy into my cart... and nothing else. True story. I didn't want to be snowed in without the Snickers Peanut Butter Squares. This is addiction is unfortunate and needs to be fixed, but, in the meantime, YUM. This Simple Joy is simply not to be missed!

My oldest child is now old enough to enjoy J.K. Rowling's masterpieces known as the Harry Potter series. For his eighth birthday in August he was delighted by the Wii Lego Harry Potter game. He loved it but having not seen the movies nor read the books he was at a disadvantage on how to play successfully. Dear friends lent him all of the movies as they are huge Harry Potter fans. One by one our family watched and was drawn into the world of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Dumbledore, Voldem... He Who Shall Not Be Named, and a host of other fascinating characters. For Christmas my son received the Harry Potter books one through six (hand me downs from his Grandma and Grandpa) and we set out reading the series from the beginning. Each page is filled with the most wondrous settings and characters, and sumptuous details. I was teaching when these books came out and was thrilled that someone was writing literature for children that was universally resurrecting the love of reading. I, however, was not on the bandwagon so rather 'missed the boat'. Now, being a mother and opening my mind to the world of Hogwarts and beyond, I am just as engrossed, taken, and drawn into the books as my son and countless other readers! The Simple Joy here is sharing a story with my son nightly that we are both enjoying immensely. I am thrilled to know we have thousands of pages to go before this series will end for us and look forward to each page with him. Then I get to do it with my second son and my daughter. Hurray!

Last night, Valentine's Day, my family exchanged cards and a few gifts. My middle child made a handmade Valentine for his entire family out of construction paper, stickers, and his own hand-writing. It is a treasure beyond measure. My oldest child is mastering cursive writing and used his best hand to write cards to my husband and me. My daughter loved the opening of envelopes and the sweet little items her grandmothers and I picked out for her. I, not expecting anything as we are tightening our belts to ride out this sluggish economy, was remembered with two awesome gifts from my family. My husband bought me an iHome docking station/alarm clock for my iPod and I adore it! I already used it this morning because he set it up last night. It is "the bees knees"! Then, from our children, he purchased a movie we, as race fans, had always wanted to see and now are the proud owners of called Red Dirt Rising. The movie is self-described on the box as "A true story of love in a time when racing legends were born...". I am anxious to watch it and then offer my review! Spending a relaxing night with my family on Valentine's Day and receiving such beautiful, thoughtful, and meaningful tokens of love are fantastic Simple Joys I am most blessed to have.

That's my list for this week. Now I wait impatiently and anxiously for you to read and post yours! Simple Joys need not be expensive, overly meaningful, or understandable/relatable to others, it's solely what makes YOU happy. So, do me the favor and honor of posting your Simple Joys for me to read this week. Have a great day!


  1. You could be entering a long period in Harry Potterville if the rumours are true that JK Rowling is thinking about writing an eighth episode :-)

    Got my first fix of Rowdy Chat in twelve weeks on Saturday and I am enjoying reading Bristol Cars A Very British Story by Christopher Balfour :-)

    Enjoying WAMU Bluegrass Radio with Katy Daly on the internet right now :-)

  2. I have a peculiar relationship to Crayola crayons...

    A brand new box of crayons is a beautiful sight to me. All the little colors all perfectly lined up, snug in their little cardboard holders. The box of 96 is quite possibly a near perfect thing. I actually have a box that has been unopened for 2 years because I don't want them to get "messed up." I know crayons are for using! I just can't bring myself to use them.

    I become "Mommy Dearest" when it comes to crayons. Working with 2-year-olds in a Sunday School class was difficult for me when we broke out the crayons and paper. This meant pulling the paper off the crayons. This is the opposite of joy. Don't even get me started on BROKEN crayons. AUGH! You know those questions at the end of Inside Actor's Studio? I could use "the sound of crayons snapping" as my sound or noise that I hate. Of course it is a satisfying sound to a 2-year-old. Like I said, "Mommy Dearest." NOOOOO. BRRRRROOOOKENNNN! CRAAAAAYYYYOOOONNNSSSS!

  3. Ok, I just wrote this great thing about my relationship to crayons...there was a posting error. :( (not a joyful thing).

    I'll just say. I love a brand new box of Crayola (not any other brand) crayons.

  4. My joy this week was attending a car show with my replicated 1950 LeMans Cadillac. I met so many interesting people who recognized the car for what it is. One couple are related to the late Phil Walters, aka: Ted Tappet. One of the truely great drivers of the fifties. He retired after the ill fated 1955 LeMans race.
    I spoke myself horse talking to all the inteligent people of Naples.

  5. Any chance you'll be bringing that Caddy to Pocono this year, J2Allard? How about the Lark?