Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Winter has had an unusually long stranglehold on my part of the country and I know it is affecting most of the other regions the same (be quiet Florida). I'm starting to wax nostalgic for Spring and its newness, the rebirth that takes place all around. I need to watch, feel, and immerse myself in the rebirth and let the floodgates open on the change that rebirth begets.

Have you made a change recently? Have you set your sights on a lofty new goal and feel frustrated by the lack of immediate results? Are you impatiently waiting for your big break, healthier self, or better situation? Like newborns, change occurs both rapidly and agonizingly slowly depending on your perspective. Breaking down your wants, intentions, and desires keeps you centered. When our minds wander to dangerous places we find doubt, frustration, and consternation. The best thing to do is refocus, relax, and revel in the rebirth of you. We are ever-evolving creatures with the amazing capacity to learn and change. Yet all change takes time and staying the course is the only way to realize the change.

There are times I feel I've hit a wall. I get in my own way and hamper my progress. I allow the demons in my mind/past to interfere with my goals. I can talk myself down from success at any given turn, but I'm learning to stop the self-doubt, ease up on myself, and try to continuously move forward - not an easy task for me! But learning to believe in yourself is the paramount approach to success. If you don't believe in yourself, no one will. 

So I look to the horizon for the goals I've set, I visualize the results I want, and I set to work on the path to get there. To achieve big I must work hard. To experience rebirth I must allow change. To fully succeed I must close my mind and heart to the doubts  that try to invade. I want to be the Phoenix who continuously rises from the ashes.

Wishing you the best in your change, your goals,and your rebirth. I am always interested in reading about yours. Mine is the path to becoming a professional writer. 


  1. I believe in you.

    I have had several re-births, Draftsman, Survey Technician, McDonald's Manager, Survey Technician, Computer Network Guru, and Professional Surveyor. As I began to embark on a new rebirth, Professional Engineer, I have come to terms with the fact that this new birth will take years. Patience is a must.

  2. To this one I'll just say "ditto" to everything you wrote.

    Right now... school. Hopefully, to become an employed Certified Professional Coder. Although, prospects on the employment part look pretty dismal.

  3. I'm working on my diet kind of hard. Mon. - Fri. is easy.

  4. I have been selling tools to the elevator industry for eighteen years. because of the economy they are not building buildings hence no elevators. My rebirth is racetoons a simple cartoons about NASCAR, I've made so many new friends and am having the time of my life. Sucess is a foregone conclusion, as everyone love to laugh...lets watch it roll.. thanks for all your support..

  5. Bill: Start selling your tools in MN. New state laws and floods have all the elevator guys running wild. I'm spending 200K on 2 lifts and going to be on a long wait.

  6. Chief, you have whats called the winter time blues. I suffered from this back when I use to live in Chicago. One year I had enough of it and moved to Riverside California. I never had the winter time blues; and whats great about where I live is that I can drive less than a hour and hit the mountains for snow and twenty minutes from the beach.
    I know it sentimental the snow for the holidays but you get over it especially when you don't have to spend hundreds on layers of clothing and heating bills. Stay warm Chief family, and I know you probably have developed some serious forearms by know.