Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Movie Blog

Welcome in to the Monday Movie Blog! We are chugging along with the alphabetical list of our favorite movies. Today’s letter is “H” and I’m hoping to see an endless supply of films to add to our ever-growing list. I request you leave the title of the movie(s) and the actors who starred as well as why you liked the movie so well. The more information we have, the more informed choices we can make from the list. Full participation is always the goal so we can compile the most comprehensive list of the movies.

Last night was the eighty-third annual Academy Awards or Oscars. This is one of my favorite events of the year. Although on too late for me to enjoy in its entirety, I definitely spent a good deal of time before the airing of the show watching red carpet arrivals, listening to bland interviews, and enjoying the glamour and pageantry that accompanies the event. For those of you who watch and ogle, who were you favorites and what did you enjoy the most? Did your picks win? Personally, I thought Anne Hathaway did a superb job in her role as host. James Franco to a lesser extent entertained me, but it was Anne Hathaway who stole the show when she was on air. I think the lady has true talent, comedic chops, a lovely voice, and is an all-around terrific entertainer.

Thank you for helping to create this movie resource. Please come back each and every Monday as we continue to fill out the alphabet with our favorite movie titles. In the meantime, I encourage you to join me tomorrow for what is quickly becoming arguably the most popular feature of the week, Simple Joys.

I look forward to reading the movies you list that begin with the letter “H”.


  1. Highlander - With a soundtrack by Queen, what else do you need?

    The Hangover - I had very low expectations for this movie, and was exceedingly surprised. Great twists and hilarious!

    Loved watching Anne Hathaway on the Oscars.

  2. I have a feeling this one is going to be harder than "G"!

    The Happening- M. Night Shyamalan (or Shamalamadingdong in our house)"thriller". Not his best movie, but Mark Wahlberg is in it. Actually pretty weak compared to The Village and The 6th Sense, though it has its tension filled moments.

    Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle- John Cho, Kal Penn, and Neil Patrick Harris. I never wanted to even see this movie until I found out my beloved NPH was in it. To which I was pleasantly surprised. It is campy, to say the least... along the same lines as "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure", but I prefer this one. For me NPH steals the show by playing himself, but not really himself. Later Kal Penn would play Cutner on TV's House M.D., then leave the show to work for Obama. Cho was on the short lived "Flashforward". NPH, well, he is everywhere (happily).

    Hitch- Will Smith, Kevin James, Eva Mendes. Smith plays a matchmaker of sorts, helping lonely guys "get the girl." While he falls for the beautiful Mendes, all his "tricks" fall flat or fail miserably. Cute movie.

    Howard the Duck- Completely snubbed at the Oscars that year! Just kidding- this is one of the WORST movies ever.

    Hoosiers- Gene Hackman. Though I am not into basketball at all, I really enjoyed this movie. I would put it in the top sports movies. Oh and a friend of mine's foot can be seen in the stands during the final game. :)

    Henry & June- Um near X rated movie. Beautifully done cinematically.

    How the Grinch Stole Christmas- Both live action with Jim Carrey and the animated version.

    That's all I got this time.

  3. Hildalgo- Viggo Mortensen, Omar Sharif, I totally recommend this true story western of action and adventure.Must see

    Herbie- The old or new version of a family classic.

    Heidi- Another family classic from back in the day.

    Harry Potter movies- The first is a classic.

    Happy Feet- A good animation family movie.

    Hard Days Nite- A Beatles band classic, comedy.

    Holiday Inn- A family classic for the holidays.

    Holy Man- Eddie Murphy, Kelly Preston, I totally recomend this comedy movie.

    Home Alone- A family classic.

    Hope Floats- Sandra Bullock, Harry Connick, romantic comedy.

    Hot Tub Time Machine- Comedy, I forgot who's in it.

    The Holiday- Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black, Jude Law, becoming one of my Xmas holiday movies. Romantic comedy.

    The Hurt Locker- Jeremy Renner, Suspense thriller and action based on the Iraqi war.

    I liked when Billy Crystal came out and showed Bob Hope, I guess I'm nostalgic!