Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Movie Blog

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today's focus for the Monday Movie Blog is shifting away from the alphabetized list we've been constructing so I can bring you this topic in honor of this holiday. Today we will be making a list of the "Most Romantic Movies of All Time". The movies should be ones that resonate with you , not just ones you heard were romantic or that other people thought fell into the category but you did not. As with each of the movie topics I post, unless you liked the movie, I do not want it on the list!

Romantic movies can have all types of endings - happy endings where guy gets girl and all is right with the world (my husband's favorite kind), sad endings where the two lovers do NOT wind up together, or, I suppose, even disturbing endings where one of the characters dies or something equally as devastating occurs. Whatever the outcome, if you find the movie romantic, entertaining, and full of emotion, please include it in your list of "Most Romantic Movies of All Time". As always, it is helpful if you include the stars of the film and a reason why you enjoyed the movie.

Today also marks my parents' 48th Wedding Anniversary. Forty-eight years ago today my parents, both seniors in college, took one witness apiece and , wearing their nicest clothes, he a suit and she a green skirted suit she had received for Christmas, drove to the Justice of the Peace to elope. Three children, four grandchildren, and forty-eight years later they are still happily and blissfully married to each other and enjoying a wonderful life in Florida! Happy Happy Valentine's Day Anniversary Mom and Dad!!

In their honor and in honor of lovers and those who want lovers everywhere, please help me assemble a list of the "Most Romantic Movies of All Time" today. Thank you!


  1. Hands down...
    An Affair to Remember

  2. The Way We Were
    Love Story
    When Harry Met Sally
    Keeping the Faith

  3. Thank you all for the kind wishes. We wish you all a happy Valintines Day.

  4. Most romantic movie and the only one I'll ever talk about 'Gregory's Girl' absolute must see even if you have purchase an old school VCR to see it :-

    Happy anniversary Mr & Mrs Aibel getting married on Valentines Day is the way to go :-)

  5. You've Got Mail
    Sleepless In Seattle
    Sound of Music
    Pretty Woman
    Lost In Translation
    A Room with a View
    An Officer and a Gentleman
    Jerry Maguire

    Happy 48th Anniversary to Chief's parents !!!

  6. The Notebook (although I figured it out pretty quickly).

  7. My mom thanks everyone for their well wishes and wanted me to add the following movies:


  8. I like romantic comedies, I know its strange coming from me.

    Meet Joe Black- Brad Pitt

    Risk Management-

    My Life In Ruins_

    Superman Returns- The latest version.

    The 40 yr Old Virgen-

    My Big Fat Greek Wedding-

    The Wedding Date

    Pretty Woman

    Top Gun

    A Officer & A Gentlemen

    Made Of Honor

    I know I know, its just me.