Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Simple Joys

Tuesday brings what is now one of the most popular features of the week, Simple Joys. I must admit, it is by far one of my favorite to write! All week long I think in terms of what I get to write on my list for this segment. I am truly blessed to have so many from which to choose!

Valentine chocolates in heart-shaped boxes are near the top of my list. We were sent several for each child from the grandparents and a dear aunt for Valentine's Day. Each night after dinner the children ask for some candy and we open a new box to share. We each have our favorites and delight in the little treasures. Even the baby, who is on the verge of talking, communicates her desire to eat some chocolate!

Attending the Cub Scout Awards and Dinner on Saturday night called the Blue and Gold. This event is the culmination of a year's worth of work and service and is a lovely tribute to the boys. The dinner portion of the evening is only for the scout and his parent(s), no siblings are allowed. As I am not just the mother but also a Den Leader, my husband stays home with our two younger children and I get to be escorted by our son to the dinner. He is dressed in his Class A Cub Scout uniform and I am in a version of mine! The dinner is catered by the local Italian restaurant, and the time spent together is invaluable. Throughout the night the Cub Master gives out awards the boys have earned throughout the year. My son, early in the evening, was presented his blue ribbon for placing First in Den in the Pine Wood Derby that was run last month. Once dinner is finished family members are encouraged to join the Scouts and their parent(s) for the formal awards presentation. My husband met us there with our middle child dressed handsomely and our daughter dressed to the nines! Our son was given his Bear Badge he had earned this year and was awarded a trophy for his second place finish in Pack for last summer's Rain Gutter Regatta. He was so proud as were my husband, his brother, and I. My middle boy was getting a bit restless and sad that he was not winning anything. I told him he was not the scout so not to expect anything. Almost immediately after those words left my mouth the Cub Master introduced the winners of the Sibling Race for the Pine Wood Derby. My middle child was called to the stage for placing second in the Sibling Race! Both of our boys were awarded "hardware" for their achievements in the Pack! The night was long but joyful. We enjoy the camaraderie, competition,  good times, and education that scouting offers our family.

My cousin. I have a cousin who is several years older than I who lives in Texas. I, living in New Jersey, haven't seen him in years. As we are not close in age we were never able to hang out much as he was in college before I was even in high school. I always had fond memories of him and, when Facebook entered my life, my cousin did again through it. We've seen each other's family pictures, keep tabs on one another periodically, and chat. We happen to share a passion for NASCAR! When he told me two weeks ago that he'd be attending Daytona from the Duels through the 500 and would I like him to be my on-the-spot correspondent, I jumped at the chance! YES! So, true to his word, I received emails, texts, pictures, and reams of information throughout the entire weekend. We even spoke on the phone and truly caught up which was the highlight for me! NASCAR may be just a sport to some of you, but to me it is so much more. It gives my husband and me something in common and now it has brought my cousin back into my life. Now that he's back, I'm not letting my cousin go! Thank you, Steve, and I'll be in touch!

The unsolicited massage my husband gave me last night. That's all I've got to say about that.

So, it's your turn. Take a moment to share what Simple Joys have elevated your life since last week. It's easy to complain about more snow, colder temperatures, high bills for heating oil, and the like, but finding the good in your life each and every week (day) is a far healthier way to live. Happy Tuesday and Cheers to the Simple Joys!


  1. With NASCAR back "in season" and the Rowdy.com/Rowdy Racing News podcast back to 5X a week... one of my simple joys (and one of yours too Chief): Randy and Dr. Professor Marlon Fescue! I love the that someone else "Does the Math" for me and delivers the information in such a great way. I am hoping that they will be returning this year. They have often been comic relief after a long, difficult week. Sometimes so much so, that I text "Randy" to let him know how much it was appreciated. There was one time I was listening with my husband and he jokingly threatened to call Rowdy World HQ to let the Rowdy Boys know that an ambulance had to be called to our house from me laughing so hard I couldn't breathe! LOL!

    I found another simple joy recently in my class. There are two ladies sitting at our table from Brooklyn, New York. They both have the accent and I LOVE when they say the word "coffee". They are gracious enough to indulge me when I ask them to "say it again." I giggle every time. I just love it. How is that for simple? HA!

  2. This comment is truely going to be one of my simple joys as I have found that reading your stuff has become one of my very simple joys, I find that without my kids here I am living vicariously through my frinds children. when you were talking about your children at cub scouuts I was right there with you. You have the unique ability to make us a very special part of your life. Almost like we are there, Except for the massage (sorry Ryan ;-0) I thank you so much for your ability to lift my soul. I am also totally enjoying watching you soar., Time for you to learn about seo... you are awesome. Keep it up, it just gets better and better.


  3. Twice a week I play Bocche, an Italian bowling game, with the "Guys". We all come from different backgrounds, work experience, and geographic locations. We choose teams each day at random and soon forget which team won the games. Just a chance to joke with one another and have fun. It turns out that we meet for breakfast three times a week, plus the occasional dinner out. We never gest tired of each other and the conversations are great.
    This is just some of the joys we retired folks earn.

  4. I went to my local 99 cent Store and saw a box roll of Oreo cookies. 59 cents for a boxed column roll and had to buy it. I love to dip them in coffee. What a great deal.

    I'm happy you reconnected with your cousin, nothing like family.