Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tantalizing Thursday

Here's what I'm whipping up - reservations! That's right. Well, not for tonight but for Saturday night. I'm finally going on what is called "Girls Night Out" and I am excited about it. I've been on such excursions in the past, usually associated with my MOMS Club. Those nights were fun involving a random mix of moms who were nice, but typically not my close-knit group of friends. We'd always have a good time, go on some adventure, and I'd be more relaxed and better for it. This Saturday night I'm dining with two women who are not only good friends, but tremendously smart and funny women who make me break out in hysterical laughter until the tears pour down my face. I am looking forward to the conversation and banter so much I can hardly contain myself!

I am not one of those women who gets out all that often. I'm not complaining, having the family I do was a conscious choice and I feel blessed to have them. My husband, the wonderful man that he is, always encourages me to escape for an afternoon here and an evening there, but I rarely do. There are various reasons why - no one to go out with, no money with which to shop, it's cold, or, my real reason, I just want to stay home with my family whom I adore! But getting out is vastly important to one's sanity. It's also healthy for the marriage. As I spend all day and night with my children it is imperative that I get a 'night off' to recharge my overworked batteries.

So I've got reservations for three at a fondue restaurant and I will bask in the glory of going to a restaurant without diapers, toys, and crayons in my purse. I will revel in the fact that I won't have to cut anybody's food, take anyone to the bathroom as soon as the meal is served, and carry on a conversation without being interrupted myriad times. I'll laugh, be witty, and wear an outfit without drool plastered on it. When I come home I'll be so grateful to my husband for affording me this little bit of luxury. And, in the morning, when the children awaken, I'll be most grateful for all of things I didn't miss the night before. Because, even a few hours away makes me miss them and appreciate them all the more.

It is Tantalizing Thursday. I highly recommend everybody make a reservation somewhere for dinner in the next few days. It is a blissful thing to go out to dinner and not have to worry about preparation, execution, and clean up of dinner. I know eating in is more economical, healthier,and even more intimate, but every once in a while, leave it all to someone else and enjoy, guilt-free, being served. In fact, it would be great to read the best restaurants you've frequented in the town/city/area where you live. Then we'd have yet another resource, this one for travelers! Please take a moment to list the area you live and your favorite restaurants in that area - include the restaurants name, style of cuisine, and your favorite dish(es). Looking forward to reading this!


  1. Shameless plug:

    Andre's Restaurant in Newton, NJ.

  2. Enjoy! Last night we had dinner with fourty four of our closest friends. Really.

  3. GIRLS NIGHT OUT!!!! Can't wait! And if you'd like, you can escort me to the bathroom and I could probably be talked into drooling on your shirt...

  4. That sounds rather... gay. Um, let's stick to our regular roles, Kar. Can't wait either!!

  5. Looks like Karen has extended her girls night out from last week, you need to get out Chief and have a break from the dailey routine.

    My exwife would say its good practice if not around, little did I know,lol.

    At the end of your blog it sounded more like a homework assignment, lol.

    Mario's in Riverside Ca, inside the historic Mission Inn. The Reagan's were married at the Mission Inn.

  6. Thank you for your response, Ice Man. Now, when we come out to visit I know where we'll go for dinner!
    The GNO is this Saturday and I am excited. But, I really do love being home with Racer and the kids. Always great to hear from you and thank you for doing the "assignment"!