Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Music Blog

It's happening this weekend, the event that cannot be ignored, unless you are one of the people who glues themselves to Lifetime television on Sunday! It is Super Bowl Sunday this weekend and Team 187 will be participating in the hoopla by attending a Super Bowl Party, eating deliciously unhealthy fun foods, watching the commercials intently, and talking through the game! It's tradition!

As you dig out from piles (mountains?) of snow, chip away inches upon inches of god-forsaken ice, and run to the grocery store for more eggs, bread, and milk that you used up during the storm (did you make French Toast for every meal?), take a few minutes to devote to today's Friday Music Blog. It is certainly far more entertaining than freezing outside dealing with all of that wintery crap! Let that stuff stay until the Spring thaw and stick with Chief 187 Chatter for all of your entertainment needs. Well, short of that, at least before you go leave your selections for today's topic. Keeping sports in mind, the topic is songs that you would use to introduce yourself if you were a professional athlete. Many of you know that baseball players, racecar drivers, and football players are usually introduced with a snippet of a song that they have chosen to represent themselves. If you were in that position, what song snippet (or songs) would you use for your introduction. This is for fun, not for grades, so stop sweating and getting nervous about picking the "right" song! Just choose the one that makes sense to you and you love right now! You could always come back and add to your answer as I did say you could use songs plural. The announcer on television builds to your name and as he's talking this music is playing in the background. What is that song?!

It's tough, deal with it. They can't all be easy. Check back regualarly and often to see how the comments shape up. I can't wait to read the selections for each of you! Today YOU are the star so choose and post.. and post again if it makes you happy!

Happy Super Bowl Weekend. I'll be checking in here throughout the weekend. I'll also be celebrating Chief 187 Chatter's over 8000 pageviews thanks to all of you. We had a really responsive week and I am already looking forward to see what next week brings! Thank you!!


  1. Love it, Racer!

    I'm leaning toward "I'm Every Woman", the Whitney Houston version. I may be back with more, though.

  2. I Gotta' Feeling- Black Eyed Peas

  3. Aint no stopping us now Mcfadden and Whitehead

  4. This one should do the trick for both me and the #29 :-

  5. "The Power and the Glory"-NFL films famous tune.

    I love the tune since I was a kid.

  6. Too The Moon And Back by Savage Garden comes to mind, just because I like the song...