Thursday, February 10, 2011


We are now in the final countdown before Valentine's Day. This is the time to make your plan and be ready to execute it to ensure a most memorable day. We've discussed decorations, Valentine's cards, gifts, and baked goods. But now it is dire to discuss the most important part of Valentine's Day, the menu. This is no ordinary menu; this menu requires to be filled with aphrodisiacs. Yes, that's right! We don't have time to be coy and beat around the bush, so let's delve into the topic.

An aphrodisiac is a food, drug, potion, or other agent that arouses sexual desire according to my trusty As I know not about drugs, potions, or "other agents", I will stick to food today. Some aphrodisiacs are well-known such as oysters, but others are quieter and less touted as such a remedy. Let's take a look at all of the options you have to woo your Valentine with food.

Almonds, a symbol of fertility, are an aphrodisiac. The scent is believed to induce passion in a female. Try almonds as a meal starter with a cocktail, or in dessert as a marzipan (almond paste) in shapes of fruit. Even a bag of Hershey's Kisses with Almonds could do the trick!

Avocado also has a long history of being associated with sex as the fruit grows in pairs and resembles a part of the male anatomy. With its sensuous texture the avocado would go beautifully in a salad with a dash of Balsamic vinegar and freshly ground pepper. Not a fan of avocado? Make a salad from arugula, an aphrodisiac since the first century A.D. Serve it with some pine nuts and double the potency as they, too, fall into this category.

Basil and Garlic are both in this category. Together they could pair up nicely in a pasta dish. Tomatoes are enhanced immeasurably by basil, and garlic is a must in cooking for an aphrodisiacal meal. So a simple, reasonable, yet impacting meal for Valentine's Day would incorporate these readily available ingredients.

Both Broccoli Rabe, a mustard green, and Asparagus have been long heralded as aphrodisiacs. Asparagus, with its phallic shape, is supposed to be more potent if eaten for three days in a row! Broccoli Rabe, it seems, just got the label to induce people to eat more of the better vegetable! But, cook it in garlic and you're adding another layer of aphrodisiacal content!

Many fruits have reputations as aphrodisiacs. Strawberries and raspberries, which can be hand-fed to your lover, are high in vitamin C and have a history in erotic literature as being called "fruit nipples". Bananas, aside from their phallic shape, are high in potassium and B vitamins which are essential for sex hormone production. Pineapple, also high in Vitamin C, is known as a homeopathic treatment for impotence. Figs' history of being an aphrodisiac can be traced to its emulation of the female sex organs and is traditionally thought of as a sexual stimulant.

What to drink with your aphrodisiacal Valentine's meal? Wine, of course! But take heed, one or two glasses are all that are needed to reach the desired affect, any more and the reverse reaction occurs! This is not the night for over-imbibing. If wine isn't your thing, try a rum cocktail with some of the aforementioned pineapple as garnish. Or a "mock-tail" made from the berries from above. Alcohol should be used in moderation only, and, if you prefer not to drink, utilizing ingredients such as honey or nutmeg, both aphrodisiacs, can give you desired results. And coffee is an aphrodisiac, but, again, in moderation only. It acts as a stimulant, but too much of it and it can become a depressant. So, serve coffee in demitasse cups and be prepared if you are both up for an "all-nighter"!

Lastly, I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't mention these ingredients, vanilla and chocolate. The scent and flavor of vanilla is supposed to increase lust. Whether you add a rich vanilla bean to a glass of sparkling wine or a scoop of vanilla ice cream to your dessert of choice, don't leave this ingredient off of your menu. Finally, chocolate. Any man who has ever loved a woman knows that chocolate affects the brain like no other food. Studies have shown that eating chocolate makes the brain react in much the same way it does when it falls in love. Seriously, are you going to miss out on THAT? So whip up a chocolate concoction at home or spring for the big heart-shaped box of chocolates at the store. When it comes to chocolate, don't skimp!

I hope this information is timely and useful to you. There are still several days left before Valentine's Day so you should have ample time to plan your menu, buy your ingredients, and delight your Valentine with a homemade meal that is sensuous. Just be sure if you make these grand gestures you are prepared for the possible and likely outcome it may induce! Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Is Leancuisine sexy? I have a stack of them in the freezer.

  2. J.C., they are, of course! But there are enough "health foods" on the list above to enhance those bad boys!
    However you spend it, I hope you have a fantastic Valentine's Day! Thanks for checking in regularly!

  3. Just come home after a hard days work, I am frothing at the mouth reading this :-P....