Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Can't Help It...

Try as I might, I cannot seem to get to the end of the year without feeling melancholy. I spend so much time, energy, and planning on the Christmas holidays that by the time the end of December arrives I am sad to see the festivities wind down. There are no more wrapped presents under the tree, leftovers fill my refrigerator with no more grand feasts planned, and all the fun and revelry that took place with dearly loved extended family is over as they have all returned to their respective homes out of state. I am left with a floor covered in toys; disarray abounds as everything is intermingled, no rhyme or reason, pieces here and there. I have seemingly hundreds of empty boxes and gift bags, bows, and tissue paper strewn in my basement needing attention. I feel the dread that our majestic Christmas tree filled with precious memory-laden ornaments will have to be disrobed and stowed soon, out of site for another eleven months. The house becomes darkened as the lights are put away. We are left with cold, drab winter. I try to cap my holidays with a New Year's Eve party and this year is no exception, but I still find it very difficult to get over the post-Christmas mood slump that I always fall prey.
This year I noticed my eldest child is also suffering from the same condition. The last couple of nights he is unable to get to sleep even though he is enormously tired from the day's bustling activities. He is weepy and restless but when questioned has no idea what is wrong with himself. I know. He is a very sensitive, compassionate, and emotional child. His beloved grandparents, both sets, and his great-grandfather, uncle and favorite cousin were around him for several days to take part in Christmas Cheer. They all left within 24 hours of one another. They are gone and most we have no immediate plans to see for a long long time. My son is, quite simply, sad. And I try to lift his spirits pointing out all of the fun-filled events taking place over the next few months - birthday parties, Pine Wood Derby, dinner parties, school functions, and family fun at home, but it just doesn't compare to the magical time we spent for a few glorious days over Christmas.
I need to follow my own advice. I need to find a way to break out of this melancholy state and embrace the wonders that await around every corner. Yes, the tree needs to come down, but that makes extra space in the room and makes for more movement. The decorations are gone, but now there is room to build the new Lego sets Santa Claus left. That may seem like a kid plus, but I am a Lego fanatic and have my hands in building each set with my children! I get to give my children a few remaining gifts on New Year's Day, a tradition I started years ago to spread the wonder out a bit longer. These gifts are neither huge nor expensive, but little things that excite my children. I do enjoy ringing in the New Year with dear friends in what has now become a tradition of our families getting together each December 31st. And, although I don't relish school starting, I do like routine. And, I do like have my home in non-Christmas order to celebrate my first big date in January for observing, my husband's and my Wedding Anniversary on January 9th! That does cheer me and spur me on when de-mantling the tree becomes tedious.
Usually the amount of cookies and holiday foods I feast upon during the holidays leaves me feeling hopelessly out of whack and tipping the scales. This season I embraced my exercise routine and tried to practice moderation at the table. I must say, it has done a lot to improve my mood, provided incentive to keep going, and encouraged me that my wardrobe still fits! This is another positive as I begin a new year - I am already involved in a sensible exercise lifestyle and healthy eating pattern. I am not starting a point zero. Usually I tune out the "Healthy You in the New Year" programming, magazine articles, etc. because I cannot face it, but now I am living it for months! In fact, my focus for this blog in 2011 is a Healthy, Happy, Fun-Loving approach to Life!
This blog, my dedication to self, and your support and encouragement will be the ingredients I need to get through my sadness, embrace the future, and look forward to each day! I feel better already! And, as for my son, I'll listen, hug him, and try to teach by example how to keep moving even when it seems too sad or hard. We'll get through this - together.

Wishing you all a Happy, Healthy, Safe, and Love-Filled New Year!

Join me tomorrow for the Friday Music Blog New Year's Edition, over the weekend for catching up on all of my blogs from 2010, and on Monday to start a whole new week and year of "Chief 187 Chatter"!


  1. But next there's New Years... and after that our Anniversary... and after that, Not Rach 3... and after that Valentine's Day... then soon it'll be Race Season with the VSCCA event at Pocono in April...

    Lots to look forward to!

  2. Thanks for bringing to attention what a lot of people feel as well as stating "hey, I am human."

    It seems as though you've gotten the right attitude about it, something we all need to keep in mind - a change of focus.

    And Pine Wood Derby? I haven't done one of those in a long time (my youngest is 16). Enjoy. Maybe a Lego driver for the car?

  3. The winter blues came and went two weeks before Christmas something to do with lack of sunshine I suspect, have you tried light therapy :-

    I am ready and raring to go for 2011 already, Happy has the new beer wagon and in less than 8 weeks he may already lift another Bud Shoot Out and even another Daytona 500 trophy GO ! Harvick Go #29 ! Go Happy !

    Looking forward to your detailed pictures, coverage and analysis of the Pine Wood Derby !

  4. Art T beat me to it. I was going to suggest light therapy. I think that if I lived up north, I'd need to do something for the winter blues. I get a bad enough case of winter blues living in the sunny South.

  5. I like looking forward to a mark in a "fresh start" that is New Year's. Our family has a tradition of going to the mall on New Year's Day and carefully picking out our new calendar's. To reflect our personalities. I always look forward to that. A fresh clean calendar loaded with possibilities. It is my job to write important dates on everyone's new calendars... color coded of course! ;)

    I think I would agree with Mr. Art & Mr. Steve... get out in the sunshine for about 10 minutes a day (if the sun is out).

    Have a great New Year's night & Happy Anniversary!

  6. Happy New Year! If you start to feel blue just dance around the house with your clothes off. Don't forget to pull the blinds first.

  7. Thanks for the tip JC, it really helped! Making it a part of my nightly repertoire! My husband is most agreeable! ;-)

  8. Let's see... 17 to 24 degrees when you wake up in the morning, dealing with the aftermath of a 20.5 inch snow storm that had 50 mph winds, suspending service on the Long Island Railroad for 2 days, closed all the airports for 2 days.... Up North, just getting your front door open, cleaning the snow off your car, digging your car out of your driveway after the plows come down your street, getting your car to the main road without getting stuck in a snow bank, getting to a supermarket can be something you can look forward too. If the sun is shinning that is a plus.