Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Music Blog

Another Friday another music blog. I think the only thing we like better than food is music! Well, maybe not the only thing, but you know what I mean!

Today's topic revolves around the holiday season we are nestled - Christmas! What are your favorite Christmas songs, including the artist's version, that you must listen each season? Which ones make you smile, tear-up, feel romantic, make you laugh, feel like a child, and/or make you feel giddy? Which songs make you feel like you must own the music, must listen to the music constantly, or must share the music? If you feel one or several of these things when you listen to Christmas music, please list the songs (and the artisit's version!).

This week marks the end of Week 12. I am compiling myriad topics in my notebook to explore in the days, weeks, and months to come. Just as an aside, I do all of my writing (composing) at the computer some time between 4:30a-6:00a. I do not have these blogs "pre-written" and then upload one each morning at this hour. I am writing "off the cuff" utilizing only some notes from my notebook once in a while. Although there is nothing wrong with doing that, I just wanted you all to know that these blogs tend to flow forth, even at this ungodly hour!

As I am each and every week, I am so very thankful that you are here reading my work. I take pride in these blogs, personal as they are, and am honored you read them. I adore receiving your comments, and am once again encouraged to continue on this journey set into motion. I am wholly excited to enjoy this holiday season and then begin an entirely new year, especially if I have all of you with me!

Best to you and wishing you all a continued happy holiday season!

Please join me throughout the weekend to check the progress of this Friday Music Blog and then join me on Monday for another week of entirely new blogs. There will be a lot more about gifts, the holidays, FOOD, and, of course, another FMB to cap the week. Until then... looking forward to reading your favorite Christmas songs!


  1. I have my entire Christmas Collection on shuffle right now on the iPod. However, my three favorite Christmas Albums are:

    Wintersong - Sarah McLachlan
    December - George Winston
    The Christmas Album - Jethro Tull

  2. My favorite is "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus". "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas". and of course Rudolph. I actually was given a 78rpm recording of Rudolph that came with a little red nosed plastic reindeer that was put onto the turntable, and spun as the record was played.

  3. I'm not ready for any Christmas activity until I hear 3 songs:

    "Merry Christmas Darling"- The Carpenters
    My mother played this endlessly the Christmas my dad was in Jordan during Desert Storm in 1990. I have come to love the song even under the strained circumstances we were under at the time. It just feels like Christmas when I hear it. I actually love the entire album.

    "Don't Save It All for Christmas Day"- Clay Aiken
    I'm a sucker for a great key change, couple that with Clay holding a note for what seems like eternity(14 seconds really I think)- AWESOMENESS. I become giddy and if the song really sweeps me away, you might find me clapping in approval to the feat. Because I'm nerdy like that. LOL! :)

    "One More Sleep Til Christmas"- The Muppets
    A Muppet Christmas Carol is my FAVORITE Christmas movie and the soundtrack makes me happy (except "The Love is Gone"- it always seems out of place to me). So really the entire soundtrack should be on the list.

    I also could hear these over and over:

    "Go Tell It On The Mountain"- Garth Brooks
    Sometimes a steel gee-tar and full gospel choir in a Christmas song is just cool.

    "Celebrate Me Home"- Kenny Loggins
    I don't understand why this song is always played more during Christmas. It seems to me it should be played year round. This is my hankie song.

  4. There's only one must on my list and that's Bing and Bowie's cover of "Little Drummer Boy."

  5. Andy Williams singing "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"
    "Sleigh Ride" -Leroy Anderson
    "Winter Wonderland" -Herb Alpert & TJB

    And lately, I've gotten into several obscure Xmas songs including:
    Joan Baez singing "Down In Yon Forest"
    "Hodie" composed by James Whitbourn

  6. Merry Christmas - Slade