Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Music Blog

Today's topic, still nodding to the Christmas season, is songs with "Star" in the title. Again, the songs need not be about Christmas although they are welcome selections. Any song with "star" in the title is eligible. Break out your iTunes account to research, rifle through your CD collection, sort your cassettes, thumb through your LPs, and hack through your 8-tracks to find any and all songs that have "star" in the title. As a bonus, list and include any and all artists, bands, or performers with "star" in their name!

For 14 weeks I've been at this gig! I'm loving the work I do here, the time spent reading your comments, and seeing the page-views climb - we're well over 6,100 at last count! Not bad for 3 months work!! From my frequented Amazon link that provides me a modest income to your supportive words, loyal readership, and constant friendship, I am overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity of spirit.

Please join me next week - Christmas Week - and the week after as we continue the holiday blitzkrieg! Once 2011 dawns I will return to the original content of this blog - my personal musings, observations, and struggles that help me learn and grow. There will be food segments, movie segments, gift segments, and, of course, Friday Music Blogs, as well as other offerings that spring into my mind. I hope that you all continue to make me and this blog, Chief 187 Chatter, a part of your daily ritual. I have a strong resolve to continue and count on you all to be there!

Continued joy and happiness I wish to you all during this Merry Christmas Season!

Next week, last minute ideas for gifts, food, and merriment!


  1. Stars - Les Mis
    Andy, You're a Star - The Killers
    Highway Star - Deep Purple
    My Traveling Star - James Taylor
    Written in the Stars - Aida

  2. twinkle, twinkle little star
    lucky star- madonna
    shining star- earth, wind & fire
    someone else's star- bryan white
    superstar- carpenters
    let's get is STARted- black eyed peas
    get the party STARted- p!nk

    midnight star

  3. Star Spangled Banner
    Video Killed The Radio Star
    Shooting Star... Bad Company
    When You Wish Upon A Star... Disney Movie
    Theme From Star Wars

  4. Dark Star... Grateful Dead
    So You Want To Be A Rock & Roll Star... Tom Petty
    Stars & Stripes Forever... John Philip Sousa
    Brightest Star... Santana

  5. IIRC the Bowling Bones had a song called Star Star probably would be rated 18 in this day and age, quite right too ! :-