Monday, December 13, 2010

Gifts - More Stocking Stuffers

This is an ever-growing list. Upon posting the blog about Stocking Stuffers last week I immediately began a new list of items I had left off. My notebook is overflowing with ideas! For those of you who have yet to start, those looking for more ideas, and those of you who were unimpressed with the first go around, here is today's offering. Remember, Christmas is now less than twelve days away and Santa can always use a bit of help stuffing those stockings!

This list will be compiled without categories - plug in the items where you think the recipient would enjoy! Also, please remember that a stocking stuffer can just as easily become the sole gift for a friend, neighbor, teacher, or special someone in your life. Most of these items can fit the bill for any occasion while others are just really good to fill the stocking. You decide!

Christmas Stocking Stuffers

-Animal crackers in the circus box with the string (can be hung on a Christmas tree, too)
-Holiday-themed dish towels and oven mitts (or every day styles)
-hand lotions/hand sanitizers
-"smell-um goods" like cologne, perfume, after shave
-FREE Hallmark pocket calendars (add important dates for the recipient for a truly lovely gift)
-personal grooming products if you know the person's favorite brands
-cotton balls/Q-Tips (especially if they are lavishly made or pretty)
-Silver cleaner/jewelry cleaner (the better the quality the better the gift)
-hair accessories
-baseball caps
-crayons, markers, colored pencils (Crayola is still among the best)
-decorative sprinkles for cookies/cupcakes
-honey, especially locally harvested or flavored
-tea bags, hot cocoa packets, or coffee
-for couples only -- sexy underwear/lingerie
-toothbrush and toothpaste, especially the newer spin technology
-a horoscope book to start the new year
-a magazine subscription tucked/wrapped in to the current issue
-pocket-sized tissue pack, especially with designs
-dried pasta in neat shapes/jar of gourmet sauce
-a box of breadsticks
-flavored oils
-shopping list pads, coupon book with current coupons
-turtlenecks/tee shirts
-flip flops/slippers
-SOCKS!!! dress socks, sports socks, trouser socks, funky socks, slipper socks
-reusable bags - this is a gift that keeps on giving as many grocery stores and Target give a nickel back per bag!
-keychains - millions of styles to fit the recipient; add a house key, car key, trunk key, etc.
-Lego separator - an inexpensive tool Lego sells to separate the blocks without losing your nails! My son is getting one this Christmas and I'm going to get a manicure!!
-salt and pepper shakers -- add salt and pepper in bulk to fill and refill
-mugs, thermal travel cups
-ice cube tray with cool shapes (stars, hearts, sports balls, etc.), swizzle sticks, shaker
-New Year's Eve paraphernalia -- hats, crowns, noise makers, serpentine, bubbles, Champagne!
-Heart items for Valentine's Day -- it's only 6 weeks away once the holidays are over!
-Snowmen items for winter decorating/collecting
-jump rope, exercise DVD or bands -- help them to stay on track to good health in the New Year
-ear buds/iPod speakers/noise canceling earphones
-stationary, notecards, stamps, pens

I have a lot more! I'll post tomorrow part 2 of this week's list. You are limited only by your imagination and, in some cases, your budget. But along with some store-bought items, remember to add freebies, homemade things, coupons, and the like. And, starting at the end of this holiday season, start collecting year-round so when the end of December returns, you have mountains of goods to stuff everyone's Christmas stockings!

Thank you for stopping by. See you tomorrow!


  1. Another idea we have used in the past are homemade coupons. Things like a date with mom or dad. Roller skating with mom. Going to the park and watch for trains. Snuggle time with Mom. Rub my back at bed time. Cleaning my room before being asked. Taking out the garbage for dad. Mani/Pedi with mom... things like that. Clip art, a printer, crayons and a stapler- your good to go!

    A couple of years ago, we gave each child a "coupon" worth $150 (if I remember correctly). James got a new Nintendo DS and accessory, Daniel got a new bike with helmet and Rebekah redecorated her room (we paid for paint). It was their last gift to open and there was much screaming, crying and jumping up and down. :P

    Water bottles are also a good idea... I am always looking for a great (pink) water bottle! Oooh! You could also fill the water bottle with their favorite water flavoring. I hate the taste of water so I use Propel sticks. :)

    Looking forward to tomorrow!

  2. One year I recieved lotto tickets and won fifty dollars, that was different. Hope your having a good holiday season Chief, take care.