Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gifts - Even More Stocking Stuffers

With a nod and thanks to Jules, my dear friend and loyal reader, I am continuing this thread until my ideas are exhausted. Jules and I seem to share a lot of good tips and both love to have a stash of ideas. Jules, I'm reading all of your suggestions, use many of them, and am incorporating the others! Thank you for making this blog a part of your daily routine!!

As I did yesterday, these suggestions are no longer categorized. Plug them in with the recipient who'd get the most joy from the item(s).

Stocking Stuffers

-A piece of Christmas china -- Spode, Lenox, or some no name brand that's full of holiday cheer and ideally can be added to each year
-seed packets, gardening tools, gardening gloves -- for the novice gardener throw in a "how-to" book
-Super glue, gorilla glue, Elmer's glue, glue sticks for hot glue guns, or paper glue sticks
-duct tape, electrical tape, Scotch tape, masking tape
-scrapbook supplies -- stickers, tools, papers, cut outs
-stickers -- for kids, adults, teachers, teens; get alphabet ones, favorite characters, pets, etc.
-balls -- ALL KINDS -- golf, tennis, basketballs, soccer, footballs, ping pong, super balls, Nerf balls, Magic 8 Balls
- lip balm -- with SPF, with aloe, with color -- keep those lips kissable and healthy all winter long -- from Chapstick and Carmex to Blistex and from Bonne Bell and Bath & Body Works to Burt's Bees, there is something out there for EVERYONE!
-sun screen -- get a high SPF as there is nothing attractive or sexy about skin cancer! "Tanned" skin is unhealthy skin.
-visors -- add this to the sunscreen!
-tie tacks, lapel stays, tie bars -- help the men in your life accessorize handsomely; bring back men wearing ties and dressing up!
-ties -- get one, two, or several to stuff his stocking, but give him tickets to somewhere cool for him to wear the ties. One seasonal tie (Christmas themed) is okay, but stick to classic, gorgeous silk ties.
-kitchen gadgets -- cool ones that work; grab your expired coupons and run to Bed Bath & Beyond! They take ALL of the expired coupons, always use them in multiples, and always give you the most expensive items discounted. They have a large array of great kitchen gadgets/tools and carry the great brand OXO.
-nail polish and remover -- a classic red, a pretty pink, or a metallic for New Year's Eve, even a green, blue, yellow, or purple for the adventuresome type. Add the remover as a bonus!
-bath poof, bubble bath, shower gel, back brush -- treat them to these items that make an ordinary shower or bath into an at-home spa treatment
-back scratcher -- not sure this is a good one? Then you must not own one. The back scratcher is one of the best inventions EVER! Get one that has a long enough handle to get the center of the back and is strong enough to survive (no thin plastic toys).
-certificate for a mani-, pedi-, spa treatment -- for the man or woman in your life who is overworked and under-pampered; this gift shows you REALLY love and appreciate them.
-homemade coupon for back/body massage -- this ought to warm up the cold nights of winter!
-trading cards -- Baseball, Pokemon, or any other sports or game cards the kids/teen/adults are in to.
-Zippo lighters -- I do not condone smoking AT ALL, but for times when a lighter is needed the Zippo is the ultimate. Purchase one that matches the recipient's personality (there are so many to choose) and add the fluid and flints, too.
-really nice chopsticks -- small works of art and usually reasonable and renders take home Chinese or Sushi even BETTER!
-jacks, Tiddly Winks, pick-up sticks, Old Maid, Crazy 8s, War, etc. -- classic and inexpensive children's games
-View Master slides -- even with computers and video games, children still enjoy their own View Master to escape from the ordinary.
-seashells -- bonus points if they are from the beach and not a store! From Santa's summer beach retreat, perhaps?
-food mixes - soups, dips, brownies -- anything dried and needing wet ingredients to bring a scrumptious concoction to life with very little effort
-really good stapler and staples
-really good scissors with a sharpener as a bonus

Tomorrow, more holiday recipes. I am, however, not finished with Stocking Stuffers. Thursday's list will be all about how to stuff the over-the-top, the sky's the limit, no hold's bar, luxurious Christmas Stocking.

Start printing these blogs about stocking stuffers and get ye to the market before Christmas is here!


  1. A car key is light and small enough to fit in a stocking. Makes for a wonderful holiday.

  2. Dad, are you trying to tell me you are getting a new car for Christmas?! It wouldn't be the first time!!

  3. i'm having the WORST time for Stephen's stocking. AUGH! I've got his favorite candies, special cocoa packets, batteries, razor blades, deodorant... AUGH! What about for the guy who has everything and can buy whatever he wants whenever he wants?

  4. Ok, everybody knows a geek... check out ThinkGeek.com for fun gift ideas like a Tribble.

  5. Socks. I know, I know. But wool socks are fanastic. Wool doesn't stink like cotton or other materials. They keep you warm and wool keeps it's insulating properties even if wet - like it's raining out, you step in a puddle and your shoe leaks like a sieve.

    I know, geeked out on you.

  6. No, no, no, J.D., I completely agree with you!! I think they were on yesterday's list. Wool socks RULE! Racer lives in them all winter long and turned me onto them in recent years (me with the perpetually cold feet). They are miracle socks :-) Besides, Geeks are cool and sexy!