Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Music Blog

Today's focus for the last Friday Music Blog of 2010 is songs and titles and artists with the word "new". Any genre is eligible and as long as "new" appears somewhere in your selection it should work. The Friday Music Blog has been a consistent favorite since I launched "Chief 187 Chatter" and I will definitely be continuing the FMB in 2011!

With this, my 80th blog and nearly 6,600 Pageviews (13 shy as I type this), I am at once sad to see 2010 go, and mighty thrilled to start 2011 and see where this blog will go. I am dedicated to weekday posts, have many topics already listed in my paper notebook, and bursting enthusiasm to take this project as far as I can go! It is such an honor to have you all along with me on this "journey" as I call it. Because, the truth is, I would write no matter what. Having you read my work, leave your comments, and help me figure things out, that's just the most amazing aspect ever! So, once again, because I don't think it can be stated too much, thank you ALL for being here with me, reading, commenting, supporting, encouraging, and checking back. I am humbled, honored, overwhelmed, and thrilled by the reaction this blog has had in its short life - I launched on September 13, 2010. Now, sixteen weeks later, I have much to show that I am so proud and the collective urging of you all to keep me going into 2011. I'll be there and I'll be counting on you to be, too!

Looking forward to reading your responses to today's topic today and all weekend long.

Have a Safe, Happy, Healthy, Fun, and Love-Filled New Year!

I'll see you on Monday!


  1. New York State of Mind - Billy Joel
    A New York Christmas - Rob Thomas
    New Orleans - Kid Rock

  2. New Meaning - Monte Montgomery
    New Shoes - Donovan Frankenreiter
    New Day - George Benson

  3. Happy New Year to you and the family. We had a wonderful time in the North Woods!
    Mom and Dad

  4. Weekend in New England- Barry Manilow
    New York City Rhythm- Barry Manilow
    A New Day Has Come- Celine Dion
    New Way to Fly- Garth Brooks
    New and Improved Bunny Song- Veggie Tales

    New Edition
    New Kids on the Block

  5. New Soul -Yael Naïm
    New River Train -Doc Watson (& others)
    New York Town -Woody Guthrie
    Three Places In New England -Charles Ives
    Hard Times In New York Town -Bob Dylan
    Talkin' New York -Bob Dylan
    So What's New -Herb Alpert & TJB (& others)

  6. Blue Monday - New Order

  7. Battle Of New Orleans... Johnny Horton
    New Riders Of The Purple Sage
    New York, New York ... Liza Minnelli

  8. New Frontier....... Donald Fagen
    New Blood.......... Robert Cray

    Happy new year.

  9. New Orleans Is Sinking : Tragically Hip
    New Minglewood Blues : Grateful Dead
    New Sensation : Inxs