Thursday, December 23, 2010

Embrace The Season

Christmas is upon us. I mean it, it's really here! With two days to go until the big day, there is no where to hide and no more time to procrastinate. Whether you love this time of year like I do or can't wait until all the hoopla is over, Christmas is arriving. Fundamentally it is a wonderful day that tries to bring out goodness in people. My hope and wish is that you all simply embrace the season.
My eldest child is struggling attending school. He's actually a good student who is mastering the third grade beautifully, but he is frustrated by how hard he has to work to do well and how much work there is to do! Many mornings when I'd give the signal that it was time to get ready to catch the school bus he'd get into an angry mood. We'd discuss the whys and what fors and it always came back to he wanting to stop going to school because "I hate it!". I explained to him many times that school is mandatory, all the adults he knew had been in his shoes (and survived) and that he'd have to learn to deal with it. I continued to enlighten him by telling him his circumstances (i.e. going to school for the next many years) was NOT going to change so the only thing that could change was his attitude towards school. My son is a very good child, a sensitive lad with a big heart, a compassionate nature, and a slight stubborn streak. We're still working on this concept for him. With Santa's impending visit ("you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm telling you why"), the teacher's relaxed policy on homework since Tuesday (there isn't any the rest of 2010!) and the fun activities planned at school (he's wearing pajamas to school today and watching The Polar Express while eating snacks) he's been better about leaving in the morning!
My suggestion to all of you is to embrace the season like I tell my son to embrace his life at school. Christmas is here with it's commercialism, consumerism, and cynicism, but it also comes with its spiritualness, family time, and optimism. Even if the family you have, circumstances you are experiencing, and people you face are not ideal, try to capture the Christmas spirit and add to the positives at Christmas, not the stresses and negativity. First, wear something Christmassy! Bring out the goofy Christmas tie that blinks lights or plays a tune or simply is quietly festive. Wear a Santa hat to and from work on your commute! Put on a jingle bell and announce your holiday presence everywhere! Own a Christmas pin and earrings and a bracelet? Wear them all together! Only own a green sweater or red blouse? Put it on! Red lipstick is a must, too! Or Christmas socks. Or getting Mom or Grandma a Christmas corsage. Don't worry about looking/feeling silly. This is the time of year to make a child happy, spread some cheer, and forget the miseries of life, if only for a few days. Smile, say "Merry Christmas", be nice to the bagger at the grocery store who is always grumpy. When you treat others with kindness it begets kindness. And if you cannot be kind at Christmas, when can you?!
So I ask you all to embrace the season with me. Try not to worry about the gifts, the food, or the personality conflicts, just try to remember the important things in your life. As I tell my son, you cannot change how others act, you can only change yourself.
I thank you all for being with me during my first Christmas Season at the helm of my very own blog. I am most proud and delighted with my work and am so pleased and encouraged by your seamless support. I have much to be thankful for this Christmas, much to learn in the New Year, and a renewed vigor to continue on this path of writing, good health, shared joy, and peace.

A very Merry Christmas to all of YOU and a wish for good health, great happiness, and supreme joy as you celebrate the holiday!

I hope to see you back here tomorrow for the Friday Music Blog and all next week for more new content!


  1. Fab blog Cheif, thanks for making this Christmas so much more bearable, heck I'll even go so far as to say fun than Christmases past :-)

  2. Take a break and enjoy your family. Merry X-mas.

  3. Be nice to even the Grumpy people... I'm with you on that point. LOL
    Best Wishes to you and all the 187's during this holiday season.