Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Windfall Fantasy, What Would You Do?

Winter still has a hold on my corner of the world and, even though it has been a rather mild one, I still see dormant trees, grey skies, and little in terms of vibrant natural hues.

I’m not one to dwell in the negative (well, too long) so I thought we’d play a fun game for a bit of mid-week escapism. Take your time, stretch your imaginations, and have fun with this.

Windfall! Suppose you won $5,000 with no strings attached. The only stipulations were you could not spend it on bills, college funds, or other people. You had to spend it on you (or you and a spouse) and within a 48 hour period or less!

It’s not that $5,000 is so very much, but it’s enough to make a realistic fantasy come true.

Would you go to the Daytona 500? Would you escape to a tropical paradise or a snow skiing haven? Would you buy a piece of jewelry or a new wardrobe? Perhaps you would purchase a sound system or a “beater car”.

Tell what you would do, where you would go, what you would buy if you were to be given $5,000 to spend now on something other than practical necessities or safeguards. Make it fun, frivolous, and fantastic!

I can’t wait to read what y’all come up with today!

Please join me tomorrow for scrumptious recipes ideal for the Daytona 500 on Tantalizing Thursday on Chief 187™Chatter.


  1. I would probably buy new clothes and escape to a tropical Island, for a weekend retreat. Mediation. Actually, for $3,000 you can escape to Bali for the same retreat Julia Roberts took on her film, "Eat, Pray, Love." That's the kind of retreat I need.

  2. I want for nothing and I have a very limited imagination. I'd probably give it to you for you to spend.

  3. If I were allowed to hand it over to Stephen, I would give it to him to book a trip to Fairbanks, Alaska for October so he can fulfill his only Bucket List item (that I know about) to take photos of the Aurora Borealis.

    If I were NOT allowed to hand it over to him... I want to take a anatomy/physiology class and there is an emergency department coding course that I would REALLY like to take as well (ed physician coding is what i would really like to do). Oh! I would also need training on the new ICD-10 codes. But that doesn't spend it all... My Coach wish list has PLENTY in it. There is also a Hidalgo sea turtle ring that I have had my eye on for several years. If it were also allowed... I would also donate to AWBC of course! ;)

    Stephen is over my shoulder... he wants to know when the check is coming. ;)

  4. A vacation! Maybe I'll come to the East Coast and visit my Jersey homeland (haven't been there since October) and then drive up the coast and visit relatives. With 5K, I could stay for a few weeks (rent a car from enterprise NOT at the airport and stay with friends)!