Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Media Blog-Favorite Reality TV

Welcome to the Monday Media Blog on Chief 187™Chatter.

Reality shows have littered the airwaves for many years now. Although I cannot wrap my brain around most, they are as popular as the police dramas and family sit-coms of old.

From housewives to wannabe performers, game players to celebrities of a certain ilk still trying to capitalize on their one-time fame, reality shows have had a staying power that now seems unstoppable.

Personally, my favorite reality television is sports. This is truly funny to me as growing up I couldn’t tolerate them. Now I see sports as the only true reality television, the real-life drama that unfolds in real time.

Like them or not, addicted or casual observer, what are your favorite reality television programs. How long have you been watching the show(s) in question? Do you watch every reality show in the chosen genre (i.e. ALL of the Housewives series, all the reality game shows, all the talent programs) or do you have one favorite and think the rest aren’t as good?

If you are like me and prefer sports as your reality television fix, what sports do you watch? Are you a twelve month watcher or do you have an off-season?

Lastly, do you prefer shows like American Pickers and Pawn Stars (History Channel) for reality television?

Thanks in advance for your participation!

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  1. I'm a junkie for NASCAR, Pawn Stars, American Pickers and Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy.

  2. Hey hey Candice : )

    Wow, i am truly amazed by your choice, Reality shows have never excited me, but speaking of Reality Tv, i go with your choice, i love watching sports, they do instill a sense of excitement and fun, it is something which so many people love and are dedicated to : ). Sports has been sort of a binding spirit for so many people, so many from different places carrying the same love, across territories and boundaries, for the love of sport : ).

    Thank you so much for sharing this one with us, wishing you & all your loved ones a wonderful new week ahead : ).

  3. My wife and I enjoy American IDOL and I'll watch American Pickers and Pawn Stars during lunch at work but watching a nationally televised Sports Event on TV is great to enjoy or better yet seeing it "live" is the best !!!

    1. Candice, please sign on my blog spot site as a member and be my fellow follower !!!
      Anyone else is welcome as well.

  4. My favorite, that I get excited for year after year is So You Think You Can Dance. Such beautiful work a lot of the time on that show and in my brain only, I can dance like that.

    I also enjoy, The Voice. I am watching American Idol this year after a several year hiatus... I enjoy The Voice a lot more! As far as music competitions go, I also really enjoy The Sing-Off.

    I have not missed a single season of Project Runway, and am watching Project Runway All-Stars now.

    I also watch, America's Next Top Model (I speed through the crap to see the photo shoots and judging).

    Other shows I watch: Big Brother (guilty pleasure), Bethenney Ever After, Air Alaska, Top Shot (hate guns, love this show), Worst Cooks in America, Chopped, Design Star, Hoarding, Hoarding: Buried Alive, America's Got Talent (sorta'), 19 Kids & Counting, and Idol alum, Clay Aiken is on Celebrity Apprentice, so I am recording that, whether I watch it or not, too soon to tell.

    I watch too much TV! I know there has to be others that I am not thinking of right now. lol!

  5. I don't watch much Reality TV, but when I do it's usually The Big Break on the Golf Channel. After every episode, I call up a few of the contestants and interview them for my blog. It makes reality TV a lot more fun because I find out "behind the scenes" stuff you don't see on TV.