Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Music Blog-10 Greatest Singer/Songwriters of All Time

Welcome to the Friday Music Blog on Chief 187™Chatter. I am often reminded how vitally important music is in my life.

I cannot claim to be the aficionado others are, but music gives me immense pleasure which is enough to give me validity as a music fan.

Traveling by car with my children on the longest day of my week (Wednesday) I was preparing myself for traffic, a long commute, and hungry wails from children who would rather be home than in the car. I counteracted with bags of Goldfish Whole Grain crackers and water for them while I put Mommy’s playlist on the iPod.

Crafted to my specific taste, each song that came on relaxed me, cheered me, and encouraged me to stay humor-filled throughout the rest of my day. And, if a song came on I was not in the mood to listen, I simply skipped to the next!

From the many responses over the years on my Friday Music Blogs, I know my readership is equally passionate about music.

This week’s focus is Top 10 Greatest singer/songwriters of all time.

Try to generate a list of ten, but less or more is allowable. List the men and/or women who both write and sing their music that are worthy to be on this list in your opinion.

Please check back to this list throughout the day and weekend to see the updated entries to this prompt. As always, the more participation the better so share the link, tell a friend, co-worker, spouse, or frenemy, so the list is as comprehensive as possible!

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Thank you to each and every one of you for reading, commenting, sharing, and supporting my work. I know I am the luckiest writer in the world with the most loyal and caring readership/friends.

Please join me on Monday as we begin another new week of fresh, new, and original blogs on Chief 187™Chatter.


  1. Bob Dylan
    Jimi Hendrix
    Carol King
    Joni Mitchell
    James Taylor
    Billy Joel
    John Denver
    Rob Thomas
    John Mayer
    Cat Stevens
    Alanis Morrisette

    Yes, I know it's eleven. But these amps go to eleven...

  2. I Love MOST of yours Racer but I would add....
    Bob Seager
    Logins and Massina
    Tom Petty
    Jackson Browne
    The team of Burnie Toupine and Elton John
    David Bromberg
    Donald Fagen and Walter Becker (Steely Dan)
    Levon Helm (The Band)
    Jerry Garcia
    Eric Clapton
    Hall and Oates

  3. Did you know that Mick Jagger will not set up any tour dates until the "MERCHANDISING" deals are signed? 'Just For The Laughs' rent "Spaceballs", I think you will get a kick out of Mel Brooke's slant on the importance of "MERCHANDISING"!!!
    I can't resist.... These Are The Jokes.... I just KNOW that you are not the model in the Tee Shirt Advertisement Photo!!!
    Would You have ever imagined 18 months ago that you would have your own "Online Store?" !!!!!YOU GO GIRL!!!! Your future is so bright, you better wear shades...!!!!!!!

  4. Dylan
    James Taylor
    Jackson Browne
    Ryan Adams
    Eddie Vedder
    David Gray
    Fiona Apple
    Amos Lee
    Brenda Weiler
    Joni Mitchell