Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy February! Now Let's Talk...

Happy February everybody!

Today is the first day of the shortest month of the year.

February contains many things worth celebrating: Groundhog’s Day, Super Bowl XLVI, President’s Weekend, the Daytona 500, and, even this year, Leap Day.

But my favorite thing of every February is Valentine’s Day.

Many cite that Valentine’s Day is a holiday created by greeting card companies and candy companies. It is meant to force people to be romantic and buy dinner out and jewelry and lingerie.

In fact, Valentine’s Day has been observed for many hundreds of years.

To the naysayers who “refuse to be romantic on a day they are told to” I say Bah Humbug!

Nobody is saying not to be romantic on your own schedule, but Valentine’s Day is a day especially for romantics. A day set aside to tell countless people how much you care for them and, well, love them!

New couples, married folks, familial relations, and friends can all partake in this mid-winter holiday and add cheer to what can be a bleak time.

Throw on some red, adorn yourself in hearts, buy fresh-cut flowers, make a homemade Valentine, bake heart cut-out cookies, procure a large heart box full of decadent chocolates, present an

adorable stuffed animal, splurge on sexy lingerie, and save up for a dazzling piece of jewelry.

Any and all of these ideas are certainly well known but no less wonderful!

If money is an issue, get creative. Handmade/homemade gifts are truly the best if heart is behind the offering.

I believe in dedicating the entire month to this love-filled holiday. Decorate the house with heart ornaments, doily-laced construction paper hearts, conversation hearts candies, and silk roses.

Pick several nights throughout February to declare your love, send a Valentine, and/or tell someone you love them.

Romance should not be celebrated only one day a year, but that one day should not be eschewed because ‘everybody is telling me to’.

On Chief 187™Chatter we’ll discuss decorating tips, recipes, gift ideas, and more throughout the month of February.

Whether you are in love, have many loves, love your family and friends, or simply love yourself, let’s make the entire month of February the month to learn how to celebrate love, not just in February but the whole year long!

Join me tomorrow on Chief 187™Chatter for a special Super Bowl Edition of Tantalizing Thursday.


  1. I can't think of the pizza after posting the pic of the young lady on the couch. It leaves a lot to the imagination. I know some of you might think of me as a pig but I'm just human.