Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Media Blog-Sick Days

Welcome to the Monday Media Blog on Chief 187™Chatter.

Sickness has had its grip on Casa 187 for well over a week and, all told, since the Christmas holidays in one way or another. From colds to stomach viruses it has been, well, a typical winter with children!

As a parent I feel that if a child is sick enough to stay home from school then he or she needs to be in bed. But, once school hours are over and the child is on the mend I do allow some television to be watched.

I remember being a child and waiting for permission to turn on the TV. In my room I had a

child’s turntable and a couple of albums that were fairy tales or children’s music. I listened to that when I wasn’t sleeping or reading until I was permitted to watch television.

Once given the green light I enjoyed The Price is Right, soap opera Days of Our Lives, and re-runs of The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Today’s focus on the Monday Media Blog is the media you would watch, play, and or listen to when you were/are home sick and were/are well enough to be entertained.

Did you/do you watch television game shows, re-runs, talk shows, soap operas, or C-SPAN? Were you/are you engrossed in an all-day video game marathon? Did you/do you simply listen to music?

Wishing you all a healthy rest of winter and time with your favorite media every day of the week!

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  1. Our resident 8 year old is off sick today listening to a Story on CD. How times change :-)

  2. Hello Candice : ).

    i'm really so sorry to know that you haven't been well these days.

    Well for me, i've had a couple of colds and twice the case of intestinal swelling last time when i was ill. At times like these, i prefer spending my time praying to God for healing & relief. Last time was thecfirst time when i asked a few friends on FB for a sick-day movie recommendation, and my 2 friends suggest movies.

    i Thank God for the sick days too because they prove to be a time for aelf-reflection and understanding about Life's meaning & purpose and how our health is one of the greatest blessings God has provided us with : ).

    Hope you are well now and wishing you & all your loved ones a wonderful new week ahead : ).

  3. I honestly don't remember. I didn't get sick that often. But when I did it was usually a doozy. I'm sure I watched TV when I wasn't sleeping. It was probably whatever my mom had on the TV because I was too sick to care. If I was in my room, I most likely had my clock radio going.

    When I had foot surgery, I did homework brought to me by a friend or boyfriend. Listened to the radio and various tapes for most of the day. If I watched TV I waited until General Hospital was on. ;)

  4. Nowadays, if I am sick (which is rare), I'll have "mindless" TV on which mainly consists of game shows (thank you GSN). I enjoy listening to music when I'm sick too. Anything that doesn't require a lot of a one hour drama is definitely out.

    As a child? Don't remember!