Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Music Blog

We've made it to the close of another week! This is the end of my twentieth week blogging at my very own site. Yesterday I posted my 100th blog, a happy milestone. With all I've got floating around the Internet I am quite sure my grand total is nearing 600 blogs! Now with my new gig at a fledgling site aimed at sports and music lovers, that total should reach 1000 blogs/articles in no time! If you haven't checked out my work there, please do. It is If you enjoy my writings, I would recommend you take a gander at what is happening there as well. The topics are different, but the writing is definitely me!

Not only did we make it to the end of the week, but we are also closing January 2011 down, adding it to the books as finished in a few short days. It has been long, snowy, cold, and, for me, filled with enlightenment, new friendships, a renewed commitment to myself. Typically a month where I flounder, suffer from SAD, and retreat into myself, the daily blogging has kept me an active and willing participant in my life. Without you here, I'm not so sure that would be the case! So thank you for showing up. I can assure you, I treasure you and do not take you for granted!

Now, on to the main event. Today's Friday Music Blog focus is songs that make you soar. I'm trying to describe songs that instantly pick you up, give you hope, elevate your mood, and offer solace. When you are down, discouraged, sad, or listless and want to change that, what songs can you reach for that make you smile, make your heart beat faster, quickens your pulse, releases endorphins, and makes you sing aloud? Everyone enjoys music in different ways, but music, from my perspective, is sometimes used to mirror a mood. If you are heartbroken and depressed over a failed love affair, you may reach for the most heart-wrenching or angry songs (think "You Oughta Know" Alanis Morrisette or "Losing My Religion" REM ). But music can be powerful enough to change a mood and lift you up. What songs do that for you?

Thank you for the prayers and thoughts for my dear friend, Bill. He is still in need of them. Bill is also a music-lover, so a long list of music to spark his interest and keep his mind occupied would be a great gift. So, please, leave your selections below and send Bill a good thought.

I hope you check back here throughout the weekend to see how the FMB is doing. Perhaps over the weekend you can check out the work I'm doing at WhooBazoo. I look forward to seeing you all back here Monday for the Monday Movie Blog and a week full of new topics to explore.


  1. Beginnings - Chicago
    Feels So Good - Chuck Mangione

  2. This is life giving stuff. Started with Racer187 Beginnings-Chicago Feels So Good-Chuck Mangione and went on to Earth Wind and Fire-After the love is gone, then on to the Isley brothers- For the love of you, Now on Grover Washington Jr. Reed Seed. It's amazing how the right music can make your soul soar even when you don't feel well... thanks Guys your awesome.

  3. Bye the way I'm still jammin to Journey- lights. I love Fridays...Music Blog that is.

  4. 1. Things That Make You Go.... CC Music Factory
    2. Oh Happy Day Edwin Hawkins
    3. Catholic Girls Frank Zappa
    4. Walk This Way Aerosmith

    **** Ride Like The Wind Christopher Cross*****

  5. I was listening to some Duke Ellington and Cab Calloway round at a friends house last night I could not stop smiling no idea what any of the tracks were called I am afraid :-)

  6. Almost anything by Southern Culture on the Skids makes me happy.

    "Reach for the sky" by Social Distortion is a song about doing something today because you never know what tomorrow brings. Ever since James' passing that song has just knocked me on my butt every time.

    If I'm getting pumped up, like warming up for a race a good song is "Your number is one" by Henry Rollins.

    And when my bride and I are feeling a bit randy there's nothing like a little Marvin Gaye.