Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Movie Blog

The Monday Movie Blog looks like a keeper! The response was warm and welcoming and the movie suggestions were great! I'm hoping as the weeks accumulate the lists will continue to get longer! We begin this week with movies that start with the letter "B". As I requested last time, please post the movies that you've seen and actually liked! If you have an extra minute or two, tell who was in it and/or why you liked the movie. The more information provided, the easier it is for some to choose the movie for their Netflix queue or at the video store (do those places still exist?!). Think of this blog as a quick reference for movies you'd like to see. If you put down your favorites and others put down theirs, we'll have a rather comprehensive alphabetical ordered list of the best movies out there!

On a personal note, and with these blogs I suppose they are all personal, I want to thank all of you who tuned in yesterday, a rare appearance on a weekend, for my blog titled "The Whole Story (The Abridged Version)" which chronicled my husband's and my love story. Yesterday was our 18th Wedding Anniversary and in lieu of a card I wrote the blog for him. I had an outpouring of support from all sources and I want to thank you all. With that post and the ensuing interest in said post, my number of pageviews went onward and upward and I have now pushed past 7,000 pageviews! Thank you so much. It wasn't long ago at all that I was nearing the 6,000 mark! This is a tremendous way to start the New Year and I am delighted to continue writing! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

I anxiously await the "B" movie titles today and look forward to seeing you back here each day! Happy Monday!


  1. Braveheart - Who doesn't want to see 100s of extras shaking their wee-wees around?!? Or a disembowelment?

  2. One of my all time favourites preferably run in original and directors cut run back to back is Blade Runner.

    Two other classics Bonnie & Clyde along with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid in which unusually for Hollywood at the time the baddies became Oscar winning bankable commodities.

  3. Two of my favorite "sleeper" movies begin with "B"--

    Bed of Roses: Christian Slater & Mary Stuart Masterson. Both emotionally damaged people trying to find that "fairy tale" love. Nothing Oscar worthy, but just a little, simple movie. I had sterling roses in my wedding because of this movie.

    Benny & Joon: Aiden Quinn, Mary Stuart Masterson & Johnny Depp. Um, first, how can you go wrong with Johnny Depp?! Aiden plays car mechanic brother to mentally disturbed MSM. Johnny moves in after his cousin loses him in a poker game. :) Sweet movie. If I see it is on while flipping through channels, I stop.

    Other "B" Movies (no pun of course- HA!)--

    Back to the Future! Here I would only recommend the 1st and 3rd. I suffer through the 2nd one out of respect for the trilogy.

    Bad Boys: Will Smith & Martin Lawrence. Will Smith running in slow motion from a burning car with his shirt open is worth the rest of the movie I hardly remember.

    Boomerang: Eddie Murphy, Robin Givens, Halle Barry, David Allen Grier. I LOVE this movie, I especially love the soundtrack (PM Dawn's- I'd Die Without You being the standout for me). Eddie plays a "playa" that gets played! But ends up falling in love for realz, very unexpectedly.

    Bull Durham: Kevin Costner, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon. My personal favorite baseball movie. Don't worry "Field of Dreams" is a close second. I used to have the poster of Crash Davis with his "I believe" monologue (the cleaned up version in my room). I want to go see the actual Durham Bulls play a game sometime.

    Batman (the first 2): I prefer Val Kilmer as Bruce Wayne and Michael Keaton as Batman. Odd I know, but whatever. I <3 George Clooney, but he just didn't do it for me.

    Babe: La-la-la-la! Pig movie for kids. Bah-Ram-Ewe!

    Beauty & the Beast: Disney

    Bee Movie: Jerry Sienfield. This was in our DVR for MONTHS!

    Beetlejuice: Michael Keaton, Alec Baldwin, and Geena Davis... oh and Wynona Rider.

    Breakfast Club: Brat Pack. Better in the 80's when we were their age, but still relevant today for those going through teen angst. Thank you Mr. Nagy for being cool enough to let us run the halls (just one time) during Saturday School!

    Julie & Julia: What a sweet movie that was! Love Stanley Tucci and Meryl Streep!

    Bring It On: Kirsten Dundst, Eliza Dushku and Jesse Bradford. As a former cheerleader, this was just a mindless movie to enjoy.

    Bill Cosby-Himself: Stand up that the whole family can enjoy. Then later quote for the rest of their lives.

    Bruce Almighty: Jim Carrey, Morgan Freeman & Jennifer Aniston. I prefer Evan Almighty, but enjoyed this one too! Morgan Freeman does a pretty good job being God. Jim Carrey is of course his over-the-top self.

    I'm sure there are more, but I've just fried my brain with these! Beware Chief, I worked in a variety of video stores between 1991 and 1996!

  4. Behind Enemy Lines- Owen Wilson gets trapped behind enemy lines on a reconnassince mission. I thinks this is the only serious movie I seen from Owen Wilson(2009).

    Beaches- A tear jerker, but good movie with Bette Midler (2005).

    The Bourne Altimatum- Matt Damon, action packed to the gills on this movie. Highly recommend it.(2007 or 2008).

  5. Did someone say Monday Music blog ?

  6. The Big Chill... Great cast, great sound track, great story, well written (See if you can find Kevin Costner)
    Breakfast At Tiffany's.... Audrey Hepburn, George Peppard (Audrey Hepburn... enough said)
    Brewsters Millions....Richard Pryor, John Candy... R.P. has to spend $30 million in 30 days
    The Birds... Hitchcock at his best
    The Big Sleep... Bogart and Lauren Bacall... Bogart as Philip Marlowe... The chemistry between Bogart & Bacall is worth seeing
    Bus Stop... Marilyn Monroe... Her first serious role
    Biloxi Blues... Matthew Brodrick, Christopher Walken... It's Neil Simon, how can you can't go wrong.

  7. boondock saints - just an awesome movie
    batman begins - christian bale is really good in it and they reinvented the franchise with this.
    beavis and butthead do america - hilarious movie. not for the little ones though
    blazing saddles - read above