Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Movie Blog

Week Four of the Monday Movie Blog puts the topic at movies that begin with the letter "D". When posting, kindly leave the title of the movie and anything you can report about why you liked it and who was in it. Any movie from any era fits the bill as long as the title begins with "D".

Thank you to all of the contributers from the first three weeks who have created a terrific resource of movies to watch, re-watch, rent, or add to one's queue (Netflix). From terrific classics, blockbusters, Indies, and everything in between the list is filling out nicely. Of course, the more people who contribute the longer and more well-rounded the list becomes, so please feel free to leave your movie selections even if you have never left a comment before or haven't in a long while. Winter is a fantastic time to catch up on movie watching so this will be an excellent place to find the titles you never remember!

Please join me tomorrow for a special edition blog for the 25th! Until then, leave your "D" movie titles below! Thank you!!


  1. Dead Calm - Nicole Kidman, Sam Neill, & Billy Zane Not my favorite genre, but this movie was suspenseful, creepy, and dark.

    Dances with Wolves - Kevin Costner
    Terrific Western, moving story, expansive, breathtaking scenery, and well acted. Highly recommend watching for a first time or the tenth!

    Dead Poet's Society - Ethan Hawke, Robert Sean Leonard, Robin Williams
    I referred to this movie last week in a blog entitled "The Fine Line". Good movie about how a liberal-thinking English teacher reaches his students in an all boy's school circa 1959. Worthwhile.

  2. Dead Poet's Society- Robin Williams, Robert Sean Leonard (swoon), Ethan Hawke. The best Robin Williams movie EVER! This movie introduced me to the grossly underrated RSL (as I like to call him). A stuffy boys school and a "free thinking" Mr. Keating played by Robin Williams. Great, great movie. Always on my list of favorites. O' Captain My Captain!

    Days of Thunder- Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman. Racing movie. A good Saturday afternoon movie. I thought it was a great movie until I became a race fan. Now, I place it in the comedy genre. A good excuse to use your 5.1.

    Drumline- Nick Cannon. Another obvious formulaic movie. Nick plays an arrogantly gifted drummer that wins a scholarship to college, loses his scholarship, then does something good and regains it. The story is pretty lame, but the parts revolving around the final competition between rival colleges are really great. We even purchased this movie. Again, crank up the 5.1 and enjoy! (there is a touring drumline concert that is supposed to be here tomorrow or wednesday- i'll miss it, but our friend cutler expressed interest in going).

    Dead Again- Emma Thompson, Kenneth Branagh, Andy Garcia and Robin Williams. I get chills thinking about this movie. I actually stole the poster from the video store I was working at after they were done with it because I liked this movie so much. It is a thriller with some twists and turns. You aren't sure who you are supposed to trust at times. I don't think it got the recognition that it should have when it was first released (1991). This one I highly recommend!

    Drillbit Taylor- Owen Wilson. He plays a homeless guy with big dreams. Scams some bullied kids to be their bodyguard. I almost didn't let my oldest (13) watch it. I just wanted to watch it for Owen Wilson. Good enough for me.

    Die Hard with a Vengeance- Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Jeremy Irons. I LOVE Jeremy Irons, and he plays the nasty in the 3rd installment of the Die Hard movies. I'll admit, I've never seen the first two. I'm not big into action movies, but I like this one!

    Dead Ringers- Jeremy Irons and Jeremy Irons. Murderous twins (good looking murderous twins). One twin with confidence, the other not so much, until...

    Devil Wears Prada- Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep, Stanley Tucci, Emily Blunt & Simon Baker (swoon again). Streep is brilliant (as usual) in this look behind the scenes at a high fashion magazine (think Vogue). I read the book, but oddly enough, enjoyed the movie more. My daughter also loves the movie (for Hathaway & the clothes). I have tried imitating the "That's All" but just can't get it. Another movie that stops the channel surfing when it is on.

    Dracula (Bram Stoker's)- Winona Rider, Gary Oldman, Anthony Hopkins, Cary Elwes (swoon), and Keanu Reeves. The dark, twisted 1992 version of the prince of darkness. Another movie that ceases channel flipping. Still trying to figure out how Keanu got this gig.

    Again, I feel like I'm missing some goodies. Have a good week!

  3. dinner for schmucks- steve carrell playing his best act, a complete idiot kinda like how he was in anchorman.

    the dark knight - to watch this movie is to see how much heath ledger really put into his acting and why he was on so many pills when he died. by far one of my fave performances by him. and its got christian bale in it.

    definitly maybe- just a sweet romantic comedy that will have you wondering the whole movie

    the departed - one of the best endings ever to a movie.

    dogma- my fave kevin smith movie

    down periscope- hilarious movie

    dazed and confused- my gf made me watch it and it turned out to be a really good movie. defintily one ive seen a couple of times since

  4. Dark Star counts as one of the Movies I have never tired of watching over and over and over again, its about a space mission to destroy dangerous unstable planets featuring a bunch of nutters, an orange infalatable alien and a talking bomb with the capacity to reason and a Captain kept in stasis.

    It's an absolute hoot with some great music thrown in and a brilliant ending. Its a Must See Must See Must See. Hope you get the picture.